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Tech Data

#303 Reinforcing Fabric



Packaging 6 inch x 50 foot rolls
Net Weight
0.46 lbs per roll
Chemical Formula N/A, mixture
Odor Very mild hydrocarbon odor
Appearance/Color Black, asphalt saturated fabric
Flammability NFPA & HMIS Fire Rating: 1
Toxicity Toxic
pH N/A
Melting Point N/A
Flash Point N/A
Density >8.4
Solubility In Water Insoluble
Stability Stable
Materials To Avoid Strong oxidizers
Materials To Avoid Strong oxidizers
Unusual Fire & Explosion Hazards Stable
Hazardous Products of Combustions H2S, CO, CO2, and SOX
Extinguishing Media Foam CO2 or dry chemical extinguishers
Shelf Life 2 Years


Application Instructions


Surface preparation is vital in order to achieve optimal adhesion. To prepare the surface, clean off any loose debris and dirt present, and allow any moisture to dry. Add roof cement to the area of defect, extending it to three inches past the area that needs preparing. Center the reinforcing fabric over the defect and spot stick, then press in place. Add a topcoat layer of roof cement.


Spread the roof cement into the defected area and around by three inches on all sides of the crack. Then, press the reinforcing fabric firmly down and coat it with another layer of roof cement.


Remove debris and rust, and dry them out if they are wet. Heavily coat the application area with roof cement and press the reinforcing fabric down firmly into the coating, topping it off with another layer of roof cement.

Leaking Blisters:

Slit them in a criss-cross pattern and fold them open, removing any damaged materials. Let the area dry if it is wet and then apply roof cement into the open area with a trowel or putty knife. Close the opening by replacing the criss-cross material and pressing in place. Cover with roofing cement, extending the coating by three inches on all sides of the damaged area. Add the reinforcing fabric, pressing firmly into the roofing cement and adding a topcoat of roof cement to seal.