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Tech Data




Shelf Life 2 years
Can Size 16 ounces
Net weight per can 12 ounces (340 grams)
Spray pattern Extension tube included for targeted application
Packaging Aerosol cans and 5 gallon containers
For use on All steel and non-ferrous metals, including exotic metals
Chlorinated No
Chlorinated solvents None
Conductivity N/A
Flammability Extremely flammable spray
Toxicity Slight
Color Clear liquid
Stainability Non-staining
Odor Alcohol odor
Flash point 41°F
Specific gravity 0.862
pH N/A
Vapor density >1
Solubility in water Complete solubility
Total VOC% Aerosol: 78.36%; Bulk liquid: 69.10 %
Stability Stable
Clean up with Cold water or degreasing solvents
Avoid contact with Halogens, strong acids, strong bases, and strong oxidizing agents
Storage recommendations Store in a cool, dry area away from heat or open flame.
Safety measures Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin or eyes. Apply product in properly ventilated area.

Application Instructions:

If using the aerosol container: spray liberally directly onto work area. Aerosol containers include extension tubes for targeted application of the cutting and tapping fluid.

If using the 5 gallon container: spray on liberally, brush on, or use in automatic recirculating systems.

As necessary, re-apply the synthetic cutting oil / lubricant to insure the area remains well lubricated and cool. Remove if desired with cold water or degreasing solvents.