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Tech Data

Sentry Seal 100



Packaging 1 Gallon Cans & 5 Gallon Pails
Net Weight
10 lbs; 50 lbs
Appearance/Color Black thick paste-like mastic
Chemical Formula Mixture
Odor Mild hydrocarbon odor
pH N/A
Density >8.4
Flammability Flammable
Recommended For Patching Large Cracks Superior Industries’ #303 Reinforcing Fabric
Drying Time Dry to the touch in 8-24 hours (varying based on weather)
Toxicity Toxic
Flash Point 105°F (40.5°C) tag closed cup
Coverage Approx. 12 sq. ft. per gallon at ?” thick
Application Thickness 1/8”
Application Method Trowel apply
Meets ASTM D-4586, Type II Yes
Clean Up Use waterless hand cleaner immediately after use
Solubility In Water Less than 0.5%
Material Stability Stable
Extinguishing Media Foam, CO2, dry chemical. Do not direct water on substance. Water and foam may cause frothing. Treat as a fuel fire.
Hazardous Combustion Products H2S, CO, CO2, SOX
Materials To Avoid Strong oxidizers, heat, spark, or open flame
V.O.C 300 gm/liter (max)
Shelf Life 2 Years


Application Instructions

Proper surface preparation is important to ensure optimal adhesion. To apply, thoroughly clean the surface of dust, oil, dirt, and loose particles with a broom or brush. If there are any loose parts and laps, secure them with nails. Use a trowel to spread, covering the surface about ?” thick. Be sure to smooth down all edges. Trowel onto splits, blisters, and cracks and cover three inches around the affected areas to mend them. Embed the asphalt coated glass fabric into the newly patched area and cover over with a topcoat layer. Use waterless hand cleaner to clean up directly after use.

Recommended For Use With Superior Industries’ #303 Reinforcing Fabric

When repairing larger cracks and crevices, we recommend that you use Sentry Seal 100 in combination with #303 Reinforcing Fabric. #303 Reinforcing Fabric is a specially designed black asphalt saturated fabric that is perfectly suited for strengthening repairs. #303 Reinforcing Fabric is ideal for strengthening repairs on seams, flashings, gutters, cracks, breaks, and blisters. This easy to apply reinforcing material makes long-lasting repairs a cinch. And because #303 Reinforcing Fabric is coated in asphalt, it ensures the best possible cohesion with roof patching materials. Ensure the success of your roof repair and make that needed repair really last by adding in a layer of #303 Reinforcing Fabric. It is available in rolls that are 6 inches wide by 50 feet long.