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Packaging 14 Oz Cartridges, 48 Lb Containers, & 120 Lb Containers
Appearance/Color Amber, semi-solid, smooth
Odor Bland Odor
Description NFPA Health Rating: 1
Toxicity NFPA Health Rating: 1
Flammability NFPA Flammability Rating: 1 (This material will burn although it is not easily ignited.)
Vapor Pressure N/A
Vapor Density N/A
Flash Point 356°F (180°C) Min.
Boiling Point N/A
Autoignition Temperature NDA
Freezing Point N/A
Melting Point N/A
Upper & Lower Flammability Limits N/A
Specific Gravity 0.88 @ (15.6/15.6C)
Evaporation Rate N/A
Percent Volatile (VOL) N/A
Solubility Solubility in hydrocarbon solvents; insoluble in water.
Viscosity cSt @ 212°F (100°C) = 5-6
Chemical Stability Stable
Conditions To Avoid No data available
Incompatibility With Other Materials May react with strong oxidizing agents, such as chlorates, nitrates, peroxides, etc.
Extinguishing Media CO2, Dry Chemical, Foam, Water Fog
NLGI Grade (ASTM D-1092) 2
Worked Penetration(ASTM D-217) 169-195
Dropping Point (ASTM D-2265) None
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) Psi Drop @ 100 hours -1
Rust Preventative (ASTM D-1743) 1a
Water Washout (ASTM D-1264) 0.9
Extreme Pressure Timken OK Load Kg/(Lb) (ASTM D-2509) 75+
Four Ball Wear (ASTM D-2266) 0.5mm
Specific Electric Resistance ? cm 9.8?109
Shelf Life 2 Years