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Tech Data

SL-HT 5000


SL-HT 5000 is a synthetic, low temperature, anti-seize grease/lubricant that prevents corrosion on parts frequently exposed to water, stream, most acids and alkalies. Comprised of a robust, non-melting molybdenum disulfide compound, SL-HT 5000 has a high chemical resistance and provides premium protection from seizing, pitting, galling, and thread distortion.

SL-HT 5000’s waterproof formula offers exceptional lubrication in extreme environments ranging from -20°F (-28° C) to over 1750°F (954°C) It is also great for use in heavy sheer or extreme pressure applications. SL-HT 5000 can be used on:

Bearings • Cylinder Heads • Heat Exchangers • Threaded Surfaces • Lathe Centers • Gaskets • Pumps • Splines • Screws • Couplings • Headers • Manifolds • Threads • Bolts • Ways • Rock Drills • Bushings • Fittings • Nuts • Cams


NLGL Grade3ASTM D-1092
Worked Penetration220-250ASTM D-217
Dropping PointNoneASTM D-2265
Oxidation Stability Psi Drop @ 100 hrs-1ASTM D-942
Rust Preventative1aASTM D-1743
Water Washout0.8ASTM D-1264
Extreme Pressure Timken OK Load Kg (Lb)50+ (110)ASTM D-2509
Four Ball Wear.5mmASTM D-2266
USDA RatingH-2 
AppearanceDark Metallic