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High Temperature Biodegradable Grease

BioTran 600


-20°F (-29°C) To 630°F (332°C)

Environmentally Friendly | Exceeds Biodegradable Standards

Numerous Applications | Excellent Performance Criteria

If you’re looking for a genuine alternative high temperature grease – and you are holding out for one that doesn’t sacrifice performance characteristics – look no further than BioTran 600. This high temperature biodegradable grease exceeds biodegradability standards while providing excellent performance criteria for lubrication – even under demanding conditions. BioTran 600 has a wide application temperature range of -20°F (-29°C) to 630°F (332°C) and is well-suited for numerous applications, including high temperature applications. This environmentally acceptable lubricant is ideal for use in all phases of lubrication. BioTran 600 can be used effectively in normal through heavy duty applications. It works well in both high and low temperature environments, extreme pressure conditions, and even where high loads are present. We recommend using BioTran 600 in applications including agriculture, forestry, construction, railroads, mining, quarry, rock, and anywhere a premium quality, environmentally acceptable, multi-purpose lubricant is called for.

Use In: Agriculture • Forestry • Construction • Railroads • Mining • Quarry • Rock • And More

Environmental responsibility is increasingly on all of our radar screens, and there certainly is a growing need for functioned fluids that are not harmful for the environment. These fluids, such as BioTran 600, can be environmentally sound if they are low in toxicity and biodegradable. Not only does BioTran 600 measure up to biodegradable norms – it actually exceeds acceptable U.S. and International standards for biodegradability (as tested according to U.S. Environment Protection Agency 560/6-82-003 and also according to the European CEC L-33-A-94 test method).

Use In All Phases of Lubrication

Corrosion Resistant | Long-Lasting

Synthetics, such as BioTran 600, are being turned to as helpful alternates when considering sensitive environmental concerns. Synthetic lubricants, such as BioTran 600, replace the typical usage of natural resources – a simple conservation strategy. Because our planet only has limited natural resources, sometimes switching to a synthetic helps conserve that supply. Also, because of BioTran 600’s synthetic base, it lasts longer than non-synthetic greases could last – which results in significantly increased service lifetimes in many applications. .

Extreme Pressure | High Loads

High Temperatures Or Low Temperatures

Normal Or Heavy Duty Applications

BioTran 600 is formulated with biodegradable base stocks. These safe base stocks are based on organic fatty acids from natural feed stocks. They also contain additives which increase the stability, lubricity, and corrosion resistance of this high temperature biodegradable grease. Not only is BioTran 600 environmentally compatible – it is actually MORE environmentally compatible than natural seed oils, because natural seed oils have to include increased levels of non-biodegradable additives.

Available In 14 Oz Cartridges, 48 Lb Containers, & 120 Lb Containers

BioTran 600 is available in 14 oz cartridges, 48 pound containers, and 120 pound containers. This amber-colored grease has a shelf life of two years and is categorized as NLGI Grade 1-2. This high temperature biodegradable grease has a worked penetration of 280-310 (ASTM D-217), a water washout rating of 1.0 (ASTM D-1264), a rust preventative rating of 1a (ASTM D-1743), and no dropping point (ASTM D-2265). The urgency of environmental responsibility won’t pause, wait, or slow down. Pick up a cartridge or container of BioTran 600 today and take a step toward protecting the planet you love – all the while protecting the equipment you need.

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