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Biodegradable Oils and Greases

Where heavy machinery meets the natural environment, biodegradable lubricants help companies to tread carefully in sensitive areas such as farms, quarries, rivers, oceans, landscape nurseries, and forests. With Superior Industries you can choose non-toxic environmentally friendly biodegradable oils and greases that will not sacrifice the performance of critical equipment. Our biodegradable products lubricate wire ropes, gears, chains, and machinery in all phases of lubrication with a top-of-the-line, durable lubricating film. Our oils and greases will not drip or run—instead, these high performance products effectively coat metal gears and moving parts for less friction, longer life for machinery, and more productive operation.


Additional Information

Protect wire ropes, draglines, and cables from corrosion with our biodegradable wire rope lubricant oil. This environmentally sensitive lubricant penetrates to the core of metal rope strands for optimum protection against corrosion, rust, dust, and debris. The tenacious lubricating film withstands high and low temperatures and defends metal strands from wear in spite of heavy loads and pressure typical of heavy lifting applications. It’s an ideal lubricating material for ski lifts, material handling, offshore platforms, logging machinery, bridges, and mining equipment. Solvent-free, our biodegradable oil prevents contamination of groundwater, soil, plants, forests, and more by demulsifying quickly into harmless elements. In case of surface collection on bodies of water such as lakes or oceans, only minimal sheen will be evident.

For high temperature applications, our biodegradable grease offers superior performance at high temperatures while going above and beyond biodegradability requirements. This environmentally responsible grease maintains heavy machinery—equipment used in agriculture, forestry, construction, railroads, quarries, and earthmoving— with long-lasting lubricity, surface adhesion, corrosion resistance, and friction reduction. As a synthetic lubricant, our biodegradable grease conserves natural resources like fossil fuels without harming groundwater systems or topsoil. Its ability to withstand heavy duty equipment, heavy loads, and extreme pressure conditions makes it an excellent product for petroleum exploration, conveying equipment, mills, dams, locks, and maritime applications. Superior’s biodegradable grease preserves the natural world, including national parks and landscapes, for future generations with its low toxicity and environmental sensitivity.