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Tech Data II

Color Seal 3200



Color Clear
Finish Characteristics Satin To Gloss Finish (High Gloss requires 3 Coats)
Volatile Organic Content Low VOC – meets Federal VOC guidelines
Mix Ratio 1:1 (One part sealer to one part water)
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened container
Coverage Per Gallon 300 to 400 square feet for broom finished (porous) concrete, 400 to 600 square feet for mechanically finished (non-porous) concrete
Viscosity Less than 100 cps
Packaging Information Available in ½ gallon containers – mixes with water to make one gallon
Application Temperature 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit Relative humidity below 85 percent

Color Seal 3200 is a high-gloss, water-based sealer specially formulated for use with ChromaColor concrete colorant. An important part of the Easy To Use ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System, Color Seal 3200 beautifies concrete surfaces dyed with ChromaColor concrete colorant and provides a sealed, waterproof barrier against damaging UV rays. Suitable for interior or exterior use, Color Seal 3200 can be used on colored or uncolored aggregate concrete and stamped concrete surfaces. The sealant is also suitable for use on stucco, flagstone, unglazed tile, slate, porous brick, artificial and natural stone.

1. Surface Preparation:

• Remove all dirt and other contaminants, including oil, curing agents, fine concrete particles or small gas bubbles from newly laid concrete surfaces.
• Use a suitable cleaning solution for concrete surfaces and allow to thoroughly dry. If acid is used to etch or clean the concrete surface, the acid must be neutralized and thoroughly rinsed. Repeated washes and rinses with a pH neutralizer, such as ammonia or baking soda, is recommended, because acid residue will prevent sealer from properly penetrating the surface.
• Allow surface to dry for 24 hours after cleaning.
• Test the surface with a spoonful of water before applying sealer. Additional cleaning and testing will need to be done, if water beads on the surface.

If the concrete surface was just dyed with ChromaColor colorant, no additional preparation will be necessary. Simply allow dye applied to flooring to dry for 24 hours before applying Color Seal 3200 to surface.

2. Product Mixing:

• Pour concentrated Color Seal 3200 into a large bucket.
• Fill empty container to the top with fresh water, then pour into the bucket containing the concentrated Color Seal 3200.
• Mix products together by hand or with slow-speed mixing equipment.

3. Product Application:

• Fill the easy-to-use sprayer, included with the ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System kit, with blended Color Seal 3200.
• Apply a fine, light mist of Color Seal 3200 in an even coat to flooring surface.
• Allow product to dry at least one hour, then apply a second coat.

4. Limitations:

• New concrete must be cured for a minimum of 28 days before applying product.
• Always properly dilute Color Seal 3200 with water before applying. Do not apply product in its concentrated form to the flooring surface.
• Do not roll on or back brush the sealant.
• Allow sealant to dry “tack-free” before applying a second coat.
• Apply sealant in temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Allow surface to dry at least 12 hours before walking on it.
• Do not apply Color Seal 3200 on high-humidity days or within 24 hours of scheduled rain. Excessive concrete moisture will prevent the sealant from curing properly.
• Allow the newly treated flooring surface to dry for seven days before wetting or cleaning.
• Some types of cleaners may adversely affect the product. Test any cleaner in a small area, then if no negative effects are noted, clean the surface as needed.