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Concrete Coloring System



Permanent Color | Densifies Concrete | Dust Proofs | Easy To Use

Give Your Concrete Floors a Professional Acid-Stained Look with ChromaColor

The ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System is an innovative, concrete coloring system that gives concrete flooring a professional acid-stained look without the cumbersome application process of other coloring methods. This Easy to Use Concrete Coloring System will transform your drab, lifeless concrete slab into beautiful architectural-style flooring with a finish that will give you years of maintenance-free service.

ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System Works Great on Interior or Exterior Surfaces

Ideal for use on virtually any interior or exterior concrete surface, the ChromaColor Coloring System is also compatible for use with most cement blends and can be used with alkaline substrates. The specially blended ChromaColor colorant and Color Seal 3200 supplied with the kit together form a strong bond that densifies and dust proofs your flooring as it beautifies the finish. 

Use ChromaColor on many interior or exterior surfaces including:

Garages • Sidewalks • Patios • Basements • Pool decks • Driveways • Porches • Retail Storefronts • And Much More!

Everything You Need is in the Kit!  The ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System kit provides everything you to turn your dull concrete into vibrant colorful flooring with a professional looking acid-stained appearance.


The unique, water-based ChromaColor colorant contains the same coloring compounds commonly used in printing inks and outdoor lithographs, so the colors are tough, durable and long-lasting. Simply mix the concentrated ChromaColor colorant with four parts water in a large bucket and stir well. Use the special, easy-to-use pump sprayer, included with the Easy to Use Concrete Coloring System kit, to apply two thin coats of freshly blended ChromaColor to your flooring surface. No cumbersome roll-on application is required. One gallon of ChromaColor will cover 300 to 400 square feet of porous concrete, or 600 to 800 square feet on mechanically finished concrete surfaces.

ChromaColor is easy to apply, absorbs well and dries within one hour of application. The colorant contains no harmful VOCs and is color stable under harsh UV light. Once the product is applied, the ChromaColor colorant will densify your concrete surface. Your new, colorful flooring will be beautiful, simple to clean and maintain and provide years of trouble-free service. 

Color Seal 3200

Color Seal 3200 is a high-gloss, water-based sealer specially formulated for use with ChromaColor concrete colorant. An important part of the Easy To Use ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System, Color Seal 3200 beautifies, densifies and dust proofs any interior or exterior concrete surfaces dyed with ChromaColor concrete colorant, providing a lustrous sealed, waterproof barrier against damaging UV rays and other harmful environmental elements.

A low-VOC, single component product, Color Seal 3200 is also easy to apply. Just mix the ½ gallon package of Color Seal with equal parts water in a large bucket and stir well. Once the product is thoroughly blended, fill the easy-to-use pump sprayer with the sealant and apply a thin even coat to your freshly dyed concrete surface. One gallon of blended Color Seal 3200 will cover 300 to 400 square feet of porous, broom-finished concrete, or 400 to 600 square feet on mechanically finished concrete surfaces.

Surfaces treated with Color Seal 3200 will dry quickly and can be opened to foot traffic in as little as 12 hours. The non-yellowing formula is easy to clean and maintain and is resistant to damaging UV rays.

Color Seal Can Beautify and Protect a Wide Variety of Flooring Surfaces

While Color Seal 3200 is perfect for sealing and beautifying colored concrete surfaces, the sealant can also protect a wide variety of other surfaces including: 

Uncolored or Stamped Concrete Flagstone Porous brick Stucco Slate Unglazed tile Artificial and Natural Stone And many other areas

A Special Pump Sprayer Comes with Each ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System Kit

There’s no need to buy costly or cumbersome tools to apply ChromaColor or Color Seal to your concrete flooring. The easy-to-use pump sprayer, included with every ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System kit, is all you need to apply the product to your flooring. Simply blend the products with water as directed, fill the pump sprayer, and then spray a fine mist of product over your surface. No back breaking roll-on application or expensive special tools are required.

Fast and simple application and professional looking results make the ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System a real bargain for business owners and homeowners alike.

Kit Sizes and Available Colors

The ChromaColor Coloring System kit is conveniently available in a variety of sizes:


500 Square Foot Kit 1000 Square Foot Kit 2500 Square Foot Kit 5000 Square Foot Kit  

The kit offers a selection of beautiful colors, including walnut, saddle brown, olive green, sand, burnt sienna and steel blue, and all colors can be compatibly mixed together for a broader color selection, if needed.

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