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Available Colors Sand, Saddle Brown, Walnut, Olive Green, Burnt Sienna and Steel Blue Other colors available with lead time and minimum order quantities
Volatile Organic Content None
Coverage Per Gallon 600 to 800 square feet per gallon on mechanically finished concrete, 300 to 400 square feet per gallon on porous concrete
Packaging One quart colorant container mixes with four parts water to yield 1.25 gallons
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened containers
Application Temperature Between 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
Primer None Required
Topcoat Color Seal 3200, to preserve and protect the color

ChromaColor is a water-based colorant that adds a beautiful acid-stained look to any interior or exterior concrete surface, but without the difficult application process of other types of concrete stains. Used in conjunction with Color Seal 3200 in the Easy to Use ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System kit, ChromaColor densifies and dust proofs interior or exterior concrete and cement compositions, providing years of trouble-free maintenance. The coloring compounds used in ChromaColor are durable and color-fast, and the absorbent formula is simple to apply, clean and maintain.

1. Surface Preparation:

• Remove all contaminants, including dirt, dust, oil, waxes, waterproofing agents, as well as any particle dust and gas bubbles from newly poured concrete.
• Power wash or use a suitable cleaning agent to remove impurities from porous concrete surfaces. Any remaining stains or contaminants may cause discolorations in the concrete surface after ChromaColor is applied.
• Allow the surface to thoroughly dry before applying the colorant.
• Use an appropriate grinder to profile any mechanically finished concrete before applying ChromaColor for best results on non-porous surfaces.
• Check the surface – after the concrete flooring has been properly cleaned and prepared – to determine if water can be absorbed. If a teaspoon of water can readily penetrate the surface of the concrete, the flooring is ready to be stained.

2. Product Mixing:

• Open ChromaColor concentrate and pour into a large (2 gallon or larger) bucket.
• Fill empty container with water four times, dumping each container of water into the bucket containing the concentrated color.
• Stir the mixture well.
• Make sure the colorant is thoroughly mixed before applying to flooring.

3. Product Application:

• Fill the special, easy-to-use sprayer – included in the ChromaColor Concrete Coloring System kit – with blended ChromaColor.
• Spray a fine mist of colorant on flooring surface.
• Allow to dry for one hour, then repeat application.

4. Limitations and Restrictions:

• Cure new concrete flooring at least 28 days before using ChromaColor.
• Always clean and dry the concrete surface before applying the colorant.
• Outside temperatures should be between 55 and 80 degrees when applying product.
• Only apply ChromaColor with the special, easy-to-use sprayer – included with the kit – in thin, consistent coats. Two coats are recommended for optimum results, but a third coat can be applied if a darker hue is desired.
• Do not roll on or back brush product.
• Do not apply colorant on high-humidity days or when rain is expected within a 24-hour period. Excessive moisture in the air or on the concrete surface can alter coloring results.
• Apply Color Seal 3200 to newly dyed concrete surface as soon as possible after thoroughly drying to prevent color wash out.
• Some cleaners may affect the color of your treated concrete surface. Test all cleaners in a small area, and if no adverse effects are noted, use as necessary.