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Tech Data

LiquaThol K



Shelf Life
2 years
Can Size
20 Oz.
Net weight per can
17 oz (482 g)

Approx. 64-128 sq ft/can for annual weeds, 36 sq ft/can for perennial weeds



Conditions to avoid

Repeated or prolonged contact with skin. Exposure to heat, sparks, or open flame.

Amber brown liquid
Fuel oil
Flash point

155 degrees F

Solubility in water
Insoluble (oil-based)


Active ingredients
Bromacil (.98%) and 2-4-D (1.09%)
Specific gravity 0.88
Density 7.4 lbs/gal
pH N/A

Directions for Use

Remove cap and invert the can, spraying weeds thoroughly. Keep can within 1-2 feet of weeds while spraying. Apply liberally to weeds at any time of the year, except when ground is frozen.

For most weeds in non-cropland areas apply approximately 1 can per 36-64 square feet. For annual weeds (such as foxtail, ryegrass, wild oats, crabgrass, cheatgrass, broomsedge, ragweed, lambsquarter, and turkey mullein) apply approximately 1 can per 64-128 square feet. Hard-to-kill perennial weeds may require 1 can per 36 square feet.

For best results, apply product in late spring or early summer once weed species are well established. Limit applications to twice per year with a minimum of 30 days between applications.

Do not use on lawns, shrubs, or ornamental plantings. Keep spray away from face. Do not allow people or pets into treated area until spray has dried. May stain tennis courts, asphalt, or concrete.