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Tech Data

Rust Magic



Shelf Life 3+ years
Coverage One quart treats approximately 68 square feet
Packaging 2-qt, 6-qt, or 12-qt case, or 4x1 gallon case
Flammability Not flammable
Toxicity Low
Color Clear
Odor Mild acidic odor
Solubility in water Complete
Specific gravity 1.01
Conditions to Avoid Avoid contact with glass, anodized aluminum, or polished aluminum.


Directions for Use

For severe rust stains, use product undiluted. For normal cleaning, dilute product with up to seven parts water. Applicator should wear goggles and gloves while applying product.

Apply straight or diluted product on dry surface using provided sprayer, remembering to start at the bottom and work up. Allow to product to sit for approximately 5 minutes (but do not allow it to dry). A nylon brush/broom can be used over treated area.

Multiple applications may be applied to treat severe stains and/or porous surfaces. Do not apply below 32 degrees F. Rinse with regular water hose or pressure washer.

If treating glass, use one part cleaner to 15 parts water and do not allow product to dry. Wash immediately with water when finished.

Recommended Cleaner to Water dilution ratio for:
Severe stains, 1:1

Regular stains, 1:7

Light stains, 1:20