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Tech Data

Ultra Bond



Shelf Life 2 years
Can Size 16 ounces
Net weight per can 12 ounces (340 grams)
Spray pattern Web (adjustable)
Drying time Tack dry: 30-60 seconds
Packaging 16 oz cans in cases of 2, 6, 12, or 24
For use on Particleboard, MDF substrates, metal, plywood, rubber, foam, cardboard, insulation, decorative laminates
Flammability Extremely flammable
Toxicity Low
Color Clear amber liquid
Odor Solvent odor
Waterproof Yes
Specific gravity 0.80
pH N/A
Solubility in water Insoluble
Total VOC 55%
Stability Stable
Avoid contact with Strong oxidizing agents
Clean up Petroleum solvent
Storage recommendations Store away from heat or open flame in cool, dry area
Safety measures Chemical resistant gloves and proper ventilation are recommended

Application Instructions:

Shake well before using. Ensure that bonding surfaces are clean and free of dust or debris. Use at temperatures above 50oF (10oC) for optimal results.

Spray adhesive from 8-10 inches, keeping the tip moving to obtain an even webbing on the bonding surface. For permanent bonds, spray both surfaces and allow adhesive to tack dry before bonding.

Adhesive spray tip allows for high coverage with even webbing. After applying adhesive, clean tip by inverting can and spraying for two seconds. This prevents clogging by clearing the valve. Wipe any remaining adhesive from the tip while it is still wet. Dried adhesive can be removed using a degreasing solvent.

Not recommended for: unsupported vinyl fabric; certain plastics and elastomeric substrates; applications in environments with a combination of high temperature and high humidity.