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Tech Data

Pro Kleen



Shelf Life

2 years

Net weight per can
19 ounces (539 grams)
Spray pattern 360 degree spray valve included

aerosol cans in cases of 2, 6, 12, or 24

Drying time

Less than 5 minutes

For use on

Porcelain, slate, painted and baked enamel surfaces, dry erase boards, steel and magnetic boards

Flash point
None to boiling
Non-flammable spray


Color Transparent liquid


Specific gravity  0.990


Vapor density


Solubility in water Soluble
Contains oil No
Contains petroleum distillates


Contains CFCs


Total VOC% <12%
Stability Stable
Avoid contact with Strong oxidizing agents
Storage recommendations Store away from open flame or heat
Safety measures

Avoid prolonged contact with skin  and excessive inhalation.

Application Instructions:

Do not use on hot surfaces. Shake well before use. No need to erase board prior to treatment.

Spray a light foam directly onto board from 8-10 inches away. Foam can be applied with upright or inverted can, and foam thickness clings well to vertical surfaces. Allow foam to remain on board for a few seconds, then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Repeat as necessary once board dries. As cleaner is water-based it dries streak free and cleans well with soap and water if needed.