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Chemical Resistant Urethane Coating



The Pinnacle of Abrasion & Chemical Resistant Coatings

FOR USE ON : Brick - ConcreteMetal  – Wood

Excellent FlexibilityUV Color StabilityWeathering Characteristics

The toughest of chemical resistant urethane coatings, UltraThane is a two component, catalyzed aliphatic polyester urethane coating with unparalleled resistance to abrasion, chemicals and impact. UltraThane is designed for interior or exterior applications and has proven to be the most rugged urethane coating available today. No other chemical resistant urethane coating withstands chemical attack, vibration and abrasion as does UltraThane. Even when exposed to constant forklift traffic, UltraThane provides long term protection for many years. Most chemicals, acids, caustics or other corrosive materials have no effect on this chemical resistant urethane. UltraThane is considered “non staining” and is easily cleaned when spillage occurs. UltraThane produces a “mirror like” finish that lasts for years.

UltraThane is recommended for use over most epoxy coatings and extends color retention and gloss properties as no other product can deliver. UV exposure harms most coatings and color properties appear faded with a pale yellowish appearance. UltraThane is not affected by UV exposure and does not yellow over extended periods. In addition, UltraThane offers excellent flexibility and will not crack, peel or delaminate when exposed to severe vibrations. This coating is designed for application in extremely harsh and corrosive environments. Please see the Chemical Resistance Guide to insure UltraThane is compatible for your application. When coating concrete, shot blasting, acid etching or acceptable abrasion is recommended for creating the proper surface profile for insuring long term adhesion of coating.

This chemical resistant urethane coating may be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment. When applying UltraThane via spray method, an air or airless system may be used. In high humidity conditions, UltraThane may be thinned using a compatible thinner at a rate of approximately 5%. This will prevent bubbling caused by trapped moisture in coating. Do not apply when temperature is below 50°F or above 90°F. Do NOT apply UltraThane over latex modified mortar or concrete. For applications to oil saturated concrete floors, #5 Oil Stop Primer is recommended. The floor must be cleaned thoroughly with a suitable degreasing solution and carefully rinsed making sure no residue from degreaser remains on floor. This primer is designed to encapsulate embedded oils and prevents them from leaching and causing delamination of coating. #1171 Primer is recommended when floors can be cleaned properly or on new concrete surfaces. This primer is a catalyzed, low viscosity epoxy and enhances good adhesion and prevents pinholes from showing on floors with slight imperfections. Should you have questions concerning primer selection, feel free to call us at 800.476.2072. Our tech department will be happy to assist you.

When coating metal surfaces, #5501 Primer is recommended. This primer is a one part epoxy and does not require a catalyst. It may be sprayed with an air or airless system. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and free from oils and other contaminants. Shot blasting or abrading with a 100 grit sanding disc is recommended before application of primer. When primer is to be applied over existing coatings, coating must have good adhesion with no visible signs of flaking, peeling or delamination. The existing coating should be slightly abraded with a 100 grit sanding disc to insure proper adhesion of primer. #5501 Primer serves as a barrier coating, prevents lifting of existing coatings and is compatible with all catalyzed urethanes and epoxies.

This chemical resistant urethane coating has proven to be an excellent choice for coating concrete floors where vehicles are parked. It is recommended the clear version of UltraThane be applied for final topcoat. This prevents staining caused by plasticizer migration from tires.

For applications requiring a non slip additive, aluminum oxide or quartz silica may be lightly broadcast onto dry surface prior to coating. This creates a non slip surface and is especially effective on ramps, steps or other areas where slip hazards may exist. A hand operated seeder/spreader is excellent for applying non slip aggregate. When applying non slip aggregate, continue moving over area briskly to insure an even amount of aggregate is dispersed. DO NOT over apply.

For applications requiring the highest level of chemical resistance, the clear version of UltraThane should be used. Please see the Chemical Resistance Guide for compatibility recommendations.

Excellent For Use On:

Production Lines • Warehouses • Chemical Plants • Commercial Show Rooms • Garage Floors • Dealerships • Factory Floors 

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