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Tech Data



DSF-5000® is the state of the art in a high temperature grease. It is specifically formulated as a high temperature lubricant to be applied where a conventional soap-thickened, or so called NON MELT, clay thickened grease will not provide adequate performance. DSF-5000 is a synthetically thickened grease which employs a highly thermal stable synthetic base oil. DSF-5000® will not oxidize such as a petroleum oil/grease at elevated temperatures.

DSF-5000® Extreme High Temperature Grease is recommended for use where continuous operating temperatures exceed 1200°F (540°C). The maximum continuous operating temperature for DSF-5000® is 1500°F (730°C). However, higher temperatures on an intermittent basis are acceptable to 1690°F (770°C). DSF-5000® can be used with confidence where conventional greases carbonize or harden due to extreme elevated temperatures. DSF-5000® has a low temperature range to -20°F (-29°C).

Typical Characteristics

NLGI Grade 1.5 ASTM-D-1092
Worked Penetration 290-315 ASTM-D-217
Dropping Point NONE ASTM-D-2265
Oxidation Stability (PSI Drop @ 100 hrs) -2 ASTM-D-942
Rust Preventative 1 A ASTM-D-1743
Water Washout 1.1 ASTM-D-1264
Extreme Pressure (Timken OK Load Kg, (lb) 25+(50) ASTM-D-2509
Four Ball Wear 8 mm ASTM-D-2266
USDA Rating H 2  
Appearance Visual Blue Smooth