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Injection Pro 600



Injection Pro 600 is a two component epoxy adhesive designed for injection into nonmoving cracks in concrete. Formulations range from extremely low viscosity, to materials that may be injected into concrete that is underwater, to very flexible, rubber-like compounds. Injection Pro 600/100 GP - General Purpose, low viscosity, high strength. Injection Pro 600/101 LMF - Low modulus, very flexible. Injection Pro 600/102 XLV - Extra low viscosity, high strength.


Injection of cracked concrete, and wet or underwater cracks in: Precast Members, Retaining Walls, Piers, Roads, Bridges, Beams & Columns, Pilings, etc.


  • 100% solids, conforms to VOC regulations.
  • Moisture insensitive.
  • Various viscosities.
  • Various hardness.


Crack should be free of dust residue. If the material is to be injected, install injection ports at appropriate intervals along the crack to allow for full depth penetration. Use Anchor Bond 700 to install entry ports and to seal the surface of the cracked concrete. Injection can start once Anchor Bond 700 is sufficiently cured.


Injection Pro 600 can be injected into cracked concrete using a two component positive displacement injection machine or two component cartridge. Injection Pro 600 may also be hand mixed and poured into horizontal cracks. The following procedures should be followed for injection repairs with Injection Pro 600.

  • Injection Ports should be placed in all areas where cracks are present. These ports should connect with all cracks and crevices to be filled. Injection ports may be drilled when necessary. These ports should be secured with Anchor Bond 700 or any suitable non sag type anchoring epoxy.
  • All exterior surface cracks should be filled with Anchor Bond 700. This procedure prevents product run out and insures total encapsulation of areas to be structurally repaired. Anchor Bond 700 must be allowed to cure before injecting Injection Pro 600.
  • Injection Pro 600 is injected into all injection ports using the hand held dual cartridge applicator or by using acceptable pneumatic pumping equipment. Should you have questions concerning the proper application equipment, feel free to give us a call.


  • Do NOT allow the product to freeze.
  • Do NOT apply when temperature is below 50°F.
  • Do NOT apply to latex modified mortar or concrete.


Clean tools and equipment immediately with a suitable solvent such as xylene or lacquer thinner.


  • 2 component cartridges
  • 2 and 3 gallon kits
  • 10 and 15 gallon kits.


For professional use only. Epoxy systems can cause delayed dermatitis. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. See Material Safety Data Sheet for proper handling and required safety equipment.


  600/100/GP 600/101/LMF
Mix ratio by volume 2:1 1:1
Viscosity 240-300 cps 400-500 cps
150 cps
Pot Life 20-22 min 30-45 min
20-22 min
Color Clear Clear
Tensile Strength 9,500 psi (ASTM D-638) 4,000 psi (ASTM D-638)
5,500 psi (ASTM D-638)
Elongation 3.0%(ASTM D-638) 100%(ASTM D-638)
4%(ASTM D-638)
Shore D Hardness 84-D (ASTM D-2240) 65-A (ASTM D-2240)
80-D (ASTM D-2240)