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Asphalt Pothole & Crack Repair

Surface Pro 600


 A New Generation In Asphalt Repair

Permanent Repair For Potholes, Damaged Areas & Large Cracks in Asphalt

The first system with a solution for having 'NO ASPHALT BASE' (Only Soil Present)

1. Preparing Area        2. Applying ST-77        3. Fill Area & Spread Evenly
Instant pothole repair, asphalt repair, asphalt patch, instantasphalt repair
4. Compacting Area         5. Finished Repair
Instant pothole repair, asphalt repair, asphalt patch, instantasphalt repair 

  • Easy To Use
  • Excellent For Parking Lot And Home Driveway Repair

Apply in Temperatures from 0°F To 100°F

Surface Pro 600 Permanent Pot Hole Patch is a high performance, premium stone mix repair compound. It has been designed with special adhesives and select asphalt to permanently repair pot-holes and large cracks in driveways, parking lots, streets and highways. Surface Pro 600 is immediately ready for traffic and has been approved for use by the Department of Transportation in numerous states. This all season formula is ready to use and can be applied in any temperature and even adheres to wet surfaces. Surface Pro 600 is the toughest on the market and is guaranteed to provide lasting performance and outlasts 'bagged' asphalt patch hands down. When no 'Base' is present, (no gravel or pavement, only soil) use ST-77 included with each unit of Surface Pro 600.

ST-77 is sprayed into the area to be treated and allowed to cure approximately 5 minutes before filling with Surface Pro 600.. This prevents leaching of stone mix asphalt oils and insures excellent adhesion in all applications.

Use On: 

Driveways • Parking Lots • Highways • Streets


Ready For Traffic Immediately  Use Year Round  Excellent For Use In Heavy Traffic Areas (Tractor Trailers etc.)  D.O.T. Approved  Eliminates Pot Holes For Good!


Fix potholes. Fix cracked asphalt. Surface Pro 600 is a new generation of asphalt repair products. It is compounded from synthetic materials and is recommended for use in all types of asphalt repair. Surface Pro 600 is easy to use and stays pliable until material is tamped in place. A special gravel is used in the production of Surface Pro 600 making it the strongest asphalt repair product. This product also provides a more natural look and blends better with existing asphalt.  It is poured from container into repair area and is ready for traffic immediately after tamping.

For asphalt crack repair and pothole repair.  Surface Pro 600 does not require a primer and is “ready to use” directly from container with no mixing required.

Surface Pro 600 is recommend for repairing potholes, large cracks  and fissures in all asphalt surfaces. It can be used in all temperatures and can even be used while raining or where standing water exists !!!

In deeper potholes, it is recommended that two applications of Surface Pro 600 be used. This applies to potholes greater in depth than six inches. This process helps insure proper tamping and compaction of product is achieved.

Surface Pro 600 has received excellent reviews and has been used successfully to repair asphalt cracks on tennis courts, parking lots, driveways, highways, streets, amusement park midways, public walking tracks, race tracks and other heavily used areas that need asphalt surface repair repair.

Surface Pro 600 is a permanent pothole repair, asphalt crack repair and can be compacted into large potholes by using a plywood sheet (any rigid material suitable for driving over) and auto for packing instead of tamping. This method insures proper compaction in larger areas and provides for immediate traffic after completion of repair.

When repairing large asphalt cracks, Surface Pro 600 is poured into crack and spread by using a squeegee to prevent overfilling cracks. A tamp is then used for compacting material.

Surface Pro 600, permanent asphalt patch is the strongest product on the market today.

All areas to be repaired should be free of loose gravel, any foreign matter and free of traffic until repair is completed.

Make short work of asphalt crack repair jobs and use Surface Pro 600 for your next asphalt repair project. Remember, Surface Pro 600 is Permanent.


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