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Instant Fiberglass & PVC Repair

Repair Bond


UV Activated Peel & Patch For Fiberglass, Metal, PVC

NO Mixing  •   NO Mess  •  NO Clean Up

Repair Bond is a New UV activated “Fabric Like” Fiberglass reinforced material and is excellent for the permanent and easy repair of most surfaces. Repair Bond can be cut to the proper size for repair while saving the rest for future use. Repair Bond is available in two sizes, 3”x 6” and 12”x 12”.After curing, Repair Bond may be sanded and painted. Scroll down to read more about this new and amazing product.

Fastest RepairFor Fiberglass & PVC

Use To Repair

Fiberglass Panels  Sheet Metal  Wood  PVC Pipe  Plastics  Exhaust Pipes

Repair Bond Cures Using Natural UV or UV Lamp

HomeTruckRV Farm Equipment  Marine Industrial Applications

The MOST Durable and Versatile Repair Product Available Today

Fiber Glass Repaid

Preparing the surface

Instant Repair For Fiberglass, PVC, Sheet Metal Etc.

Cutting Repair Bond to proper size

Fast & Easy Repair For Fiberglass & PVC

Apply product to surface

Permanent Repair For Fiberglass, PVC, Sheet Metal Etc.

When it comes to repairing Fiber Glass, no other product compares or exhibits the outstanding qualities of Repair Bond. This product is recommended for repairing fiberglass products including snowmobile bodies, truck panels, jet skis, tank sumps, transfer pipe, ventilation ductwork, hood stacks, fiberglass manholes and wet wells and many other fiberglass engineered products. Repair Bond quickly repairs holes, ruptures, cracks and other damage.

This amazing cloth-like material can be shaped as needed and conforms to most irregular surfaces. Repair Bond can be cut with scissors to accommodate the repair size needed. The surface should be clean and lightly sanded to insure a proper seal and adhesion. The backing is peeled away, placed on material to be repaired and then exposed to sunlight or a UV light and within 15 minutes, it can be sanded, painted or left in place as is. That’s it, no other procedure is required. This multipurpose fiberglass repair not only repairs damaged areas but greatly strengthens the repaired area.

This fast and effective fiberglass repair exhibits excellent resistance when exposed to most chemicals and petroleum based fuels. Repair Bond is Non Flammable and can be used in temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). This material will stop leaks on many types of fiberglass pipe, sumps and other areas where a water tight repair is required. On large repair projects, multiple sheets of Repair Bond may be used. After the 15 minute curing period, all edges can be sanded and smoothed for a perfectly even appearance. This amazing material can be drilled to accommodate screws or other fasteners or trim pieces that must be attached to repaired area. Repair Bond is widely used by marine, automotive, industrial, HVAC and many other industries where a quality and time saving fiberglass repair product is required. Repair Bond is not recommended for use on wet surfaces or on polypropylene.

PVC Repair   •   Metal Repair   •   Wood Repair   •   Plastic Repair

In addition, Repair Bond has proven to be the top performer when repairing PVC Pipe, Rigid Plastics, Wood and Sheet Metal.

Repair Bond works great when repairing PVC pipe, metal duct, plastic pipe and components. This repair material is widely used for repairing damaged wood products including canoes and other rigid wood type sport water vessels where a water tight seal is required. This quick and effective repair can be used to wrap PVC pipe making it air and water tight. Once cured, Repair Bond can be painted to enhance the surface appearance. Repair Bond is widely used for repairing sheet metal panels and duct found especially on HVAC related equipment.

When choosing a product for the repair of fiberglass, wood, metal and PVC, make Repair Bond your first choice.


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