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Typical Characteristics

Repair Bond



Application Temperature 40° F (4.44°C) To 100°F (37.77°C)
Flammability (Cured Or Uncured) Non Flammable
Cure Time 8 To 10 Minutes In Sunlight (UV)10 To 15 Minutes (UV Light)
Shelf Life 1 Year If Not Exposed To Light
Chemically Inert Yes
Paintable Yes
Sandable Yes, (May Be Drilled And Sanded)
Acceptable Surfaces All But Polypropylene
Operating Temperature When Cured -30°F (-34°C) To + 500°F (260°C)
Toxic Fumes None
Sizes Available 3' x 6' And 12' x 12'
PSI Rating 500 PSI
Preparation Clean And Lightly Sand Surface

Note: Do Not Apply To Wet Surfaces