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Concrete Repair and Resurfacing Epoxy



Professional Concrete Patching Repair Kit

Strongest Of All Epoxy Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Products

  • Tough & Durable For Long Lasting Repair
  • Excellent For Areas With Forklift Traffic

Re-Surf is a 100% Solids Epoxy and is packaged in Kit form to insure error free jobsite mixing. This Concrete Patching product can be mixed and applied by onsite personnel. GL-356 Aggregate (included) is a unique and irregular sized quartz which gives added strength and durability, thus, making Re-Surf the strongest and toughest Concrete Repair Product on the market today. Re-Surf is the product of choice for repairing Expansion Joints, Control Joints, Cracks, Spalled Areas, Deep Holes or Worn and Eroded Slabs.

  • Use Re-surf to repair damaged areas as shown below
  • Easy To Use

Re-Surf Concrete Patching is 100% Guaranteed against Chipping or Flaking

Expansion Joints  ♦  Control Joints  ♦  Cracks  ♦  Excellent For Resurfacing Damaged Caps

Strongest Of All Epoxy Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Products

Re-Surf is a 100% solids epoxy resurfacing compound. It is the strongest of all patching and resurfacing epoxies available today. Re-Surf concrete repair epoxy is packaged in kit form and mixing of product is easily achieved. This concrete epoxy resurfacing product is considered a non shrinking epoxy and is used for repairing and resurfacing damaged caps, large cracks, holes and all areas where the aggregate is exposed in concrete.

Re-Surf is a trowelable concrete repair epoxy mortar and makes concrete stronger than any other repair product. This material has extremely high tensile strength and is recommended for repairing concrete floors especially in areas subjected to heavy forklift traffic.

When applied properly, Re-Surf resurfacing epoxy will not crack, chip or delaminate from repaired surface. The Re-Surf concrete repair epoxy uses an irregular sized quartz aggregate instead of silica sand. By using quartz as the aggregate, the material is made stronger and has compressive strength that other products cannot achieve. This concrete epoxy resurfacing product is widely used for filling large holes in slab floors.

Strongest Of All Epoxy Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Products

Re-Surf is mixed using a jiffy mixing blade. The catalyst is poured first into the large container of resin. This material is slowly mixed for approximately 4 minutes. Next, the quartz aggregate is introduced slowly into the blended liquid. This method allows for creating a trowelable mortar with less aggregate or more aggregate creates a very stiff product suitable for filling holes or large cracks.

For epoxy concrete floor repair, preparation of concrete can be achieved by two different methods. Shot blasting is highly recommended as it creates the proper profile but also cleans floor thoroughly. After shot blasting, concrete work can begin immediately. Acid etching can be used successfully also. Before this procedure can be utilized, all sealers must be removed from surface. Etching is actually the optimum method but takes more time and produces hazardous waste which must be disposed of in accordance to local disposal mandates.  For concrete repair epoxy to be successful, concrete must be profiled, clean and dry before repair can begin.

After installation of Re-Surf resurfacing epoxy, the recommended curing time for heavy traffic is 24 hours. Foot traffic can be allowed in approximately 8 hours. This concrete repair epoxy has outstanding resistance to chemicals, dyes, acids and most other spillage making it the product of choice for all your concrete repair needs. Re-Surf is used in grocery store meat markets, industrial production areas, loading docks, warehouse floors, dye house floors, automotive service departments, manufacturing facilities, shop floors and all other areas needing concrete repair. The Re-Surf concrete epoxy resurfacing product is a light grey color and blends with most all existing concrete surfaces.

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