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Biodegradable Wire Rope Lubricant

BioTrac 301


-20°F (-29°C) To 450°F (232°C)

Environmentally Friendly | Meets Biodegradable Standards

Use In All Phases Of Lubrication | Excellent Performance Criteria

Draglines Cranes Cables

BioTrac 301 is an environmentally safe wire rope lubricant that was creatively formulated to provide high performance criteria while remaining harmless to nature. It is designed to penetrate to the very center of wire rope and form a tenacious film, providing superior lubrication and excellent protection from corrosion for all types of wire rope. BioTrac 301 is biodegradable and solvent-free. It has a wide application temperature range of -20°F (-29°C) to 450°F (232°C) and is ideal for use in all phases of lubrication. BioTrac 301 can be used effectively in normal through heavy duty applications. It works well in both high and low temperature environments, extreme pressure conditions, and even where high loads are present. Because it is biodegradable and breaks down into harmless substances, BioTrac 301 is the wire rope lubricant of choice for use in particularly sensitive natural areas such as national parks, mines, and ski resorts. We recommend using BioTrac 301 in applications including agriculture, forestry, construction, railroads, quarry, rock, and anywhere a premium quality, environmentally conscious, wire rope lubricant is called for. 

Use In:

Agriculture • Forestry • Construction • Railroads • Mining • Quarry • Rock • And More

 Especially Ideal For Use In:

National Parks • Mines • Ski Resorts • Offshore Platforms

  • Extreme Pressure
  • High Loads
  • High Temperatures Or Low Temperatures
  • Normal Or Heavy Duty Applications

This biodegradable wire rope lubricant creates a residual film on the surface of wire rope that holds on strong and resists pressure. BioTrac 301 repels water on the surface of the wire rope and is able to effectively resist contamination from the outside elements, including dirt and dust. Thus, it is particularly ideal for wire rope applications in hostile environmental locations, such as near sea water and salt air. And, with BioTrac 301, if accidental leaks or spills into water occur, only a minimal sheen becomes visible on the surface of the water. This makes BioTrac 301 a friendly substance in locations near water where minimal sheening is desired in a lubricant, such as on offshore platforms.

Superior Penetration | Excellent Oxidation Stability

Non-Dripping | High Load Carrying | Long-Lasting 

Environmental responsibility a topic of increasing conversation, and there certainly is a growing need for functioned fluids that are not harmful for the environment. These fluids, such as BioTrac 301, need to be low in toxicity and biodegradable if they are to be environmentally sound. BioTrac 301 meets biodegradable standards (as tested according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 560/6-82-003 and also according to the European CEC L-33-A-94 test method). This biodegradable wire rope lubricant is purposefully formulated to break down into safe, non-detrimental substances as the micro-organisms it naturally comes into contact with act upon it.

Repels Water | Repels Dirt

Protects From Corrosion | Inhibits Fretting

With BioTrac 301, you don’t have to compromise the quality and performance characteristics of an excellent wire rope lubricant to be kind to the environment. BioTrac 301 offers excellent oxidation stability, great clarity, and excellent demulsibility. This premium biodegradable wire rope lubricant inhibits fretting and protects from wear between rope strands. It provides the added benefits of prolonging lubrication intervals and lengthening rope life, both of which reduce downtime (and the cost associated with downtime) due to maintenance. This strongly adhering film will not drip and, even if the film is breached, BioTrac 301 still offers protection.

High Lubricity | High Biodegradability | Great Demulsibility

Corrosion Resistant | Great Clarity | Very Low Sheen | Solvent-Free

BioTrac 301 is available in 48 pound containers. This amber-colored lubricant has a shelf life of two years and a sweet odor. It passes the rust test (ASTM D-665AB) and offers a viscosity cSt @ 212°F (100°C) of .85 and @ 104°F (40°C) of 1.95 (ASTM D-445). The urgency of environmental responsibility won’t grow smaller. Pick up a container of BioTrac 301 today and take a step toward protecting the planet you love – all the while protecting the equipment you need.

Available In 48 Lb Containers

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