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Tech Data

Paddock Pro Walk


Application Instructions

1 gallon & 5 gallon pails
Net Weight
1 gallon =10.2 pounds
Application Environment
50-110-degree F
Colored liquid (available in 15 colors)
Hybrid urethane with elastomer rubber aggregates
Essentially odorless


Non toxic, zero VOCs
Application Method
Foam roller or brush
40 to 80 square feet per gallon in 2-coat application
Clean Up

ASTM F-510 standard compliant

Drying Time
1 hr. touch/24 hr. light use/7-10 days full cure
Material Stability
Avoid contact with caustic cleaners
Shelf Life
1 year
ASTM D-4541-95 Standard
UV Resistant


Cures By
Air drying & self crosslinking
Highly flexible
Textured scuff-resistant satin
Base Solution
High Adhesion
ASTM F-510 Standard
Impact Resistance
ASTM-D-2794 Standard
Incompatibility (Materials To Avoid)
Ammonia, bleaches, caustic cleaners.

Application Instructions: Because substrates must be properly cleaned and prepared for Paddock Pro Walk to adhere properly, we recommend all surfaces be pressure washed to eliminate grease, rust, loose paint, and other surface dirt and debris before application. We also recommend that all surfaces be adhesion tested immediately prior to full application to test for proper preparation. Next, mask the area to be treated. By doing so, you’ll ensure a uniform finish that looks professional and also eliminate over-usage. After surfaces are clean and totally dry, except in the case of concrete and metal substrata, apply Paddock Pro Walk using a 3/8' foam roller or disposable foam brush when the temperature is between 50 and 110-degree F and is not expected to go below or above those limits during the application period. We highly recommend not applying Paddock Pro Walk rain or dew is likely to occur before product is fully dry (usually 24 hours.) A full application of Paddock Pro Walk consists of two to three coats, the first of which should be relatively light. Allow each coat to tack dry before applying the next. When covering concrete or metal, apply appropriate Standard primer and continue with Paddock Pro Walk application as described above. To achieve a more textured feel and appearance, roll over each coat while it is in a semi-dry state.

Application Instructions Based On Surface Type:

Painted Surfaces: Use 36 or 40 grit sandpaper to thoroughly roughen surface. Completely remove traces of sand or other debris that may have adhered subsequent to washing and preparation.

Wood Surfaces: Note: Pressure –treated wood must be aged at least six months prior to application. Use 36 to 40 grit sandpaper to remove paint residue and dead wood fibers from clean, porous and 100 percent dry surface.

Unpainted Steel And Aluminum: Remove rust, grease, and other contaminants. Acid etch or thoroughly roughen surface with 36 or 40 grit sandpaper. Clean, dry and prime surface with Standard Paddock Pro Walk Metal Primer.

Fiberglass: Remove all gloss from surface with 36 or 40 grit sandpaper. Completely clean to remove waxes and other protective additives.

Note 1: Because of differences in concrete composition and porosity and the varied nature and amounts of contaminants concrete substrata may have been exposed to, adhesion testing prior to applying primer is essential. If water drops dribbled onto concrete bead up, it is a sign that the concrete may have been treated with an anti-penetrant that must be removed prior to application of the primer.

Note 2: Newly poured concrete can take up to one month to be totally cured. Application of Paddock Pro Walk prior to this drying period is not recommended.

Note 3: Very dense, highly polished, and compressed concrete may lack the degree of porosity necessary to adhere to Paddock Pro Walk primer and surface cover without being roughened by shot blasting, acid washing or mechanical sanding. All concrete surfaces must have a profile to insure proper adhesion of product.

Once the surface has been properly cleaned and prepared, apply primer per instructions, allow to thoroughly dry, redo adhesion test and apply Paddock Pro Walk.