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Non-Slip Coating For Equestrian Surfaces

Paddock Pro Walk


The Most Effective Non Slip For Equestrian Surfaces

A firm, robust, rubberized-urethane coating formulated to protect against equine overextension-caused falls and muscle tears while walking on slippery surfaces.

Despite being remarkably sure-footed on natural unpaved terrain, equine animals -- horses, mules, ponies – can easily slip and suffer serious injury while negotiating wet, muddy, or otherwise compromised man-made surfaces. Easily applied, totally non-toxic, and bronc-buster tough, Paddock Pro Walk covers potentially hazardous concrete, wood, fiberglass, and painted surfaces, aluminum and other metal walkways, loading ramps, and trailer floors with a soft, flexible, non-slip, equine-friendly coating optimized for hooves both shod and unshod.

Heavily Textured For Increased Traction & Safety

Why Paddock Pro Walk?

Paddock Pro Walk is Superior Industries' next-generation, ecologically safe, cost-effective solution for loading, transporting, and walking horses over previously treacherous footings. A true non-slip coating designed specifically for equine surfaces, it is as good for the environment as it is for hooves.

Available in 15 fully saturated, fade-resistant colors, Paddock Pro Walk For Equestrian Surfaces is water-based for safe, easy application and cleanup. Compounded of modified urethane and elastomer rubber aggregates, it offers a less abrasive, higher-performance, anti-slip-and-slide finish than traditional non-slip coatings, and is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, chemical solvents, soiling, and staining.

Once properly applied, Paddock Pro Walk cures into a low-maintenance, non-rigid, highly flexible, crack-, impact-, dent-, scuff-, cut- and tear-resistant equestrian surface. In the event damage does occur, Paddock Pro Walk can be simply, seamlessly, and economically repaired by over-coating the affected area.

Easily applied to properly prepared surfaces without specialized tools, cleanable with low-cost household cleansers, and repairable with a utility knife, paint roller, sandpaper and a bit of solution, Paddock Pro Walk Coating For Equestrian Surfaces' combination of low cost of ownership and extended service life makes it a truly high-return-on-investment upgrade to your equine facilities.

Beyond Non-Slip Equine Surface Uses: Vehicles, Homes, Apartments, Gyms, Wheelchair Ramps, Retail Entryways:

In addition to providing an excellent non-slip coating for equine-use surfaces, Paddock Pro Walk, which is 100 percent compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) non-slip surface requirements for marinas and related areas, is ideal for use in outdoor entertainment and sports venues, commercial building entrances and exits, locker and shower rooms, and other locations where moisture and other traction-limiting factors pose a risk.

Paddock Pro Walk's highly effective non-slip/low-abrasion surface also makes it a preferred coating option for areas where bare feet or skin are likely to come into contact with the surface (i.e. boat decks, pre-school floors, etc.). Additionally, Paddock Pro Walk's low coefficient of abrasion makes it highly effective for use as a truck bed and trailer liner for vehicles used to transport easily scratched or abraded furniture and appliances.

Horse Sense:

Paddock Pro Walk Non-Slip Coating For Equestrian Surfaces is intended to provide a safe, secure, comfortable pathway for horses in otherwise less-than-ideal circumstances. Because it works by providing the horse's hooves with a higher adhesion surface than the material underlying the coating, its performance may be adversely affected by ice, grease, oily residues, oil, snow, standing water, or other substances that eliminate or reduce the contact patch between hoof and surface. Please bear this limitation in mind when moving your horse under challenging conditions.

Neither Paddock Pro Walk, nor any other product, can take the place of common horse sense in ensuring the safety of your mount.

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