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Aliphatic Moisture Cure Urethane

DuraThane XL


Exterior Or Interior Use | Satin Finish

High Chemical & Abrasion Resistance

DuraThane XL is a top of the line, single component, aliphatic urethane topcoat. The many colors of this non-glossy, satin finish coating provide an attractive finish on numerous types of applications. DuraThane XL is available in clear as well as these five standard colors: stone gray, colonial gray, desert tan, beige, and Arizona tan. Thanks to DuraThane XL’s non-yellowing properties, you can count on excellent color retention and a satin sheen that will not fade. This aliphatic moisture cure urethane is ideal for use when: layering over deck coatings and slip-resistant coatings, adding onto seamless flooring applications, covering exterior masonry surfaces that are subjected to UV degradation, and coating over masonry sealers and clear coatings. DuraThane XL can also be used as a seal coat for other epoxy paint systems, such as broadcast overlay systems

Use To:

  • Layer Over Deck Coatings & Slip-Resistant Coatings
  • Add Onto Seamless Flooring Applications
  • Cover Exterior Masonry Surfaces That Are Subjected To UV Degradation
  • Coat Over Masonry Sealers & Clear Coatings

Non-Yellowing | Improved Cleanability | High Flexibility

Recommended To Use With #1107 Epoxy Primer

This aliphatic moisture cure urethane is excellent for both exterior and interior use. The hassle of mixing is eliminated when you use DuraThane XL; this one-component product makes application a breeze. Offering high chemical resistance and strong resistance to abrasion, DuraThane XL is a coating that goes the distance. And, offering improved cleanability, this urethane coating has taken yet another step toward ultimate convenience. DuraThane XL also provides a significant degree of flexibility.

In order to ensure the best possible adhesion to the floor, we highly recommend that you use Superior Industries’ #1107 Epoxy Primer before applying DuraThane XL. #1107 Epoxy Primer is a two component, low viscosity epoxy primer that forms a tough but flexible film. This high solids primer offers excellent penetration and superior adhesion. It is moisture tolerant and stress relieving, featuring very low VOC’s, low tensile modulus, and high tensile elongation. #1107 Epoxy Primer is very resilient and will bring about strong adhesion when used in concert with DuraThane XL. #1107 Epoxy Primer is available in both 3 gallon kits and 15 gallon kits.

Available In 5 Gallon Pails

Colors: Clear, Stone Gray, Colonial Gray, Desert Tan, Beige & Arizona Tan

DuraThane XL is available in 5 gallon pails. When applied as a topcoat, it offers a coverage range of about 150-180 sq. ft./gal. (varying based on the application and substrate condition). DuraThane XL has a curing time of 48 hours (minimum) before the application surface can open foot traffic or wheeled traffic (at 73°F, 23°C, and 50 relative humidity). This aliphatic moisture cure urethane offers a solids content of 72% (ASTM C-1250) and a tensile strength of 3,200 psi (22MPa) (ASTM D-412). Store DuraThane XL dry at 40°-85°F (4°-30°C) and condition the material to 65°-85°F (18°-30°C) before using. See our Tech Data sheet for detailed surface preparation and application instructions.

DuraThane XL Color Guide


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