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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating

ChemKote 700


High Chemical Resistance

100% Solids | High Gloss Novalac Epoxy

ChemKote 700 is the finest two component, 100% solids, novalac epoxy on the market today, offering the best possible resistance against chemicals. This high solids system is low odor producing and can be used as a medium to heavy coat resurfacer. ChemKote 700 is a high gloss epoxy which can be used as a clear coating or combined with epoxy color additives, resulting in a myriad of color options. Install ChemKote 700 as a stand-alone coating, use it as a binder in a slurry/broadcast system, or apply it as a topcoat. In all three of these application areas this chemical resistant epoxy coating provides top rate performance. ChemKote 700 is USDA approved and is easy to apply. And, if easy cleaning is a consideration, ChemKote 700 is definitely the epoxy coating you’re looking for – it makes cleaning a snap. This novalac epoxy provides extreme chemical resistance and thus is ideal for use anywhere particularly harsh chemical spillage occurs, such as in chemical processing plants, chemical storage areas, dye houses, and battery charge operations.

In order to ensure the best possible adhesion to the floor, we highly recommend that you use Superior Industries’ #1107 Epoxy Primer before applying ChemKote 700. #1107 Epoxy Primer is a two component, low viscosity epoxy primer that forms a tough but flexible film. This high solids primer offers excellent penetration and superior adhesion. It is moisture tolerant and stress relieving, featuring very low VOC’s, low tensile modulus, and high tensile elongation. #1107 Epoxy Primer is very resilient and will bring about strong adhesion when used in concert with ChemKote 700. #1107 Epoxy Primer is available in both 3 gallon kits and 15 gallon kits.

Where To Use:

  • Anywhere Harsh Chemical Spillage Occurs
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Chemical Storage Areas
  • Dye Houses
  • Battery Charge Operations

Available In 3 Gallon Kits & 15 Gallon Kits

Two Components: Resin & Hardener

Use With #1107 Epoxy Primer

ChemKote 700 is available in both 3 Gallon Kits and 15 Gallon Kits. The 3 Gallon Kit version of ChemKote 700 is packaged in 2.6 gallon proportioned kits for easy mixing and application at the job site. Each of these 3 Gallon Kits come pre-measured and consists of 1 five gallon pail of resin (Part “R”) and 1 one gallon container of hardener (Part “H”). The approximate coverage range of this chemical resistant epoxy coating is 133 sq ft (12.35 sq m) per gallon or 346 sq ft (32 sq m) per 2.6 gallon unit at 12 mils over primed, dense, and relatively smooth concrete. Note that the actual coverage of this epoxy coating will vary based on how porous the floor is and whether or not a primer is used. Its cure time (at 75°F, 24°C) is 12 hours until light foot traffic, 24 hours until light traffic, and 72 hours until heavy traffic and/or chemical spillage. ChemKote 700 is a clear liquid, but it can be used in conjunction with epoxy color additives if pigmentation is desired.

Instructions: We recommend that you thoroughly read all application instructions on the product label before applying ChemKote 700. Because surface preparation is important to successful adhesion, be sure the application surface is sound, clean, level, and dry before you begin application. If using with an epoxy color additive for pigmentation, follow mixing directions on the additive’s product label, being sure to add the color additive to the container of clear resin (Part “R”). If using the 3 Gallon Kit, pour the hardener (Part “H”) into the oversized can of resin (Part “R”). If using the 15 Gallon Kit, follow mixing instructions for correct ratios and mix in a clean mixing container. Mix with a very low speed jiffy mixer for 2-3 minutes or until fully blended. Mix only what will be used within the product’s pot life. Apply after mixing by pouring a ribbon-like bead onto the application surface and spreading evenly with a flat squeegee, notched squeegee, or trowel at a rate of about 133 sq ft (12.35 sq m) per gallon. Back roll with a 3/8 inch nap roller and after 5-10 minutes roll with a plastic loop roller to remove all remaining bubbles. Protect the freshly coated floor from water, dampness, and condensation for at least one full day. Recoat within 12 to 24 hours, or, if more than 24 hours has elapsed, screen the surface before adding further coats. Do not apply ChemKote 700 if the surface temperature is not between 60°F (15.5°C) and 85°F (30°C).  Do not use a thinner. Do not immerse this chemical resistant epoxy coating or use where moisture can get in below the resurfacer. ChemKote 700 is not intended for exterior use.

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