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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating

ChemKote 810


For Interior and Exterior Use

Excellent for Resurfacing Worn Areas

ChemKote 810 is a chemical resistant Novolac epoxy for interior and exterior use. This total floor system is high build and high solids, producing mid- to high- performance resistance to chemical, acid, and solvent spills and splashes. Its two-component primer and epoxy system bonds quickly and holds strong, all with an attractive finish in one of three glossy colors.

This top of the line product is excellent for resurfacing worn areas. Numerous environments requiring excellent solvent resistant, chemical resistant, and/or acid resistant flooring can benefit from ChemKote 810.

ChemKote 810 can also be applied on cement masonry, brick, chemical troughs, and curbs where chemical spillage is anticipated. This Novalac expoxy coating for exterior use cannot be beat when it comes to application on exterior containment areas for certain acids. [For details on chemical resistance ratings, see the Chemical Resistance Charts on the Tech Data page. Detailed information on physical properties can also be found there.]

A proven industry leader, ChemKote 810 is ideal for use in: manufacturing plants ♦ chemical processing plants ♦ food processing buildings ♦ gas processing plants ♦ power generation facilities ♦ sewage and water treatment plants ♦ mining industry buildings ♦ pulp and paper mills ♦ secondary containment areas ♦ battery changing stations ♦ petroleum facilities ♦ certain warehouses ♦ tanks ♦ and more!

If you need to protect concrete or brick from harsh chemicals spills or splatter, ChemKote 810 will get the job done. This versatile coating is available in nineteen colors: tile red, beige, medium gray, light gray, off white, charcoal gray, dark gray, light blue, tan, brown, blue, green, fazor tan, SE camel, traffic yellow, safety yellow, clear, white, and black. Special and safety colors available upon request. See Color Chart for details.
Cement flooring in manufacturing and processing plants can take a beating, especially where heavy chemicals or solvents are produced, contained, or employed. This Novolac coating far outperforms standard epoxies and urethanes when it comes to chemical resistance, removing the worry that permanent damage is being done and expensive flooring repairs will need to be made.

ChemKote 810 is intended to be applied over ChemKote 810 Primer. It is tack free in just 5-7 hours and can handle a second coat or topcoat in 5-10 hours. This chemical resistant Novalac epoxy can support light foot traffic in 10-18 hours and is ready for heavy traffic (full cure) in 2-7 days. See Tech Data for detailed application instructions for this chemical resistant Novalac epoxy.

ChemKote 810 Primer, the first step in this two-step system, is a high solids clear primer ideal for reducing surface imperfections and air release generation from the substrate before applying the high build topcoat. This two-component Novalac epoxy primer penetrates the substrate effectively while letting off minimal odors. Offering some chemical resistance itself, ChemKote 810 Primer is ideal for use in priming cement and concrete substrates prior to the application of ChemKote 810.

ChemKote 810 is the top choice of professionals in the water treatment industry, paper industry, mining industry, power industry, and chemical processing industry. Highly concentrated acids, certain chlorinated solvents, and other harsh chemicals pose no threat to this highly chemical resistant concrete coating. It can handle extended splash spill and even long term immersion in a variety of heavy chemicals (see the Chemical Resistance charts on the Tech Data page for details).

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