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Zinc Based Anti-Seize/Lubricant

#1900 Anti Seize


Aluminum , Iron , Steel and other Ferrous Metals

Ideal For Aluminum Against Steel applications

Temperatures To 500° F (260°C)

Contains Pure Zinc

Most anti seize are made from two components one active and one inactive. The active component is the metal and the inactive component is the grease. Since grease is less expensive than most metal, most anti seize is formulated predominately with grease. Even mediocre anti-seize only has about forty percent metal and sixty percent grease. ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base is composed of fifty percent Zinc and fifty percent premium petrolatum.

Superior’s ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base is a thread lubricant made from Petrolatum and Zinc dust. This product is specially engineered to meet the specification requirements of United States Military Specification Mil-PRF-22361 (Mil-T-22361) and CID-A-A-59313. ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base is a premier anti-seize compound that prevents galling and seizing during assembly and disassembly. Down time of expensive equipment can be costly and time consuming. Regular use of ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base can significantly reduce down time and maintenance cost.

ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base is a superior product for the prevention of galvanic corrosion, especially in hot, acidic, or caustic environments. This product resists galvanic attack by sacrificing the metal in the anti-seize instead of the metal parts under protection. Specially made for threaded and unthreaded aluminum parts, ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base can also provide superior anti corrosion capabilities. It is excellent for protection against corrosion on aluminum as well as iron or other ferrous metals. Zinc dust in this product acts as an electromechanical galvanizing compound on metal to metal connections protecting the two metal surfaces. This product is ideal for Aluminum against steel applications.

This product is safe for use in temperature applications up to 500°F (260°C). It can be used in a wide variety of applications including pipe threads, nuts, bolts, studs, gears, sprockets, chains, and general use anti-seize lubrication. ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base has a smooth creamy paste like texture, and is grey in color. This product is easy to apply with a brush or spatula. ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base is the highest quality Zinc anti-seize on the market today and it will not separate under pressure.

ASC 1900 Anti Seize Zinc Base comes in three convenient easy to apply options. This product is available in a brush top one pint cans which can be purchased in two, six, twelve and twenty-four packs. It can also be purchased in an eight pound (one gallon) containers and a forty pound (five gallon) containers. As with all petroleum base products, this lubricant should NOT be used in oxygen service.


  • Anti-seize for aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Pipe threads
  • Nuts, bolts, studs
  • Gears, sprockets, chains
  • General use anti-seize lubrication


As with all petroleum base products, these lubricants should NOT be used in oxygen service.

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