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Anti Seize Paste & Powders

A wide selection of anti-seize lubricating powders for high-load bearing industrial applications, including extreme temperature production environments and nuclear power plants. Our anti-seize pastes actively protect metals and alloys from stress, strain, galling, and corrosion for optimum productivity with the lowest possible coefficient of friction. These technical grade pastes and powders are available in metallic or non-metallic formulas to suit copper, ferrous and non-ferrous, dissimilar metals, and other metal surfaces. Superior Industries guarantees the purity of our high-quality anti-seize powders and pastes, ensuring the best ingredients to maintain high-value equipment for the long haul.


Additional Information

Our lubricating compounds can weather extreme temperatures and extreme load pressures, including intermittent temperatures up to 2400oF (1315°C). High heat environments such as steel mills, glass manufacturing, boilers, and foundries have greatly benefited from the lubricating power of our anti-seize powders to keep fasteners and hinges in working order. Cut down disassembly time for threaded components— including bolts, flanges, and fasteners—found in machine shops, diesel and gasoline engines, construction sites, and motors. The top-of-the-line resistance to corrosion and oxidation caused by chemicals, salt spray, steam cleaning, and even radiation makes these dry film lubricants essential to chemical plants, shipyards, marine motors, production lines, nuclear power plants, and paper mills.