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Nickel Based Anti Seize

#1500 Anti Seize


Stainless Steel
Aluminum – Titanium – Copper Brass Steel

Temperature Range:
From -297°F (-183°C) to + 2400°F (1316°C)
-30°F to (-34°C) + 450°F (232°C)

ASC–1500/Nickel is the highest grade Nickel anti-seize on the market today. This product is made from super fine Nickel particles and protects against galling, seizing, heat-freeze, wrench torque, corrosion and rust on many types of metal surfaces. ASC–1500/Nickel does not contain copper, therefore it may be used on stainless steel and other sensitive alloys such as Titanium, Aluminum, Copper and Brass.

This product is specially engineered to be used where two different metals are used together such as Brass and Steel. This high grade anti-seize, lubricating compound is also perfect to use where soft metals such as copper cannot be present.

ASC–1500/Nickle combines premium high pressure additives along with rust and corrosion inhibitors. All of these materials are offered in combination with superior quality non-petroleum base oils. This product adheres to all types of metals including sensitive alloys and provides superior wear resistance and water resistance. ASC–1500/Nickel will stand up to extreme climates, severe vibration and expansion and contraction. It is designed to meet or exceed United States Military Specification MIL-PRF-907E (Mil-A-907E). ASC–1500/Nickel provides the ultimate in extreme temperature protection up to 2400°F (1316°C).

ASC-1500/Nickel should be used on nuts, bolts, studs, screws, taps, pipe threads, flanges, gaskets, o-rings, pump and valve packings and stems, low speed bearings, bushings, keyways and shafts, chains, levers, hinges, pivots, rollers, sprockets, gears, exhaust manifolds, boilers, heat exchangers, battery posts, pneumatic equipment, wire rope and cable or use as a dry film lubricant on heat treated surfaces. This product is excellent for use on equipment that is subject to salt water spray, highly corrosive environments or equipment that is frequently steam cleaned. ASC–1500/Nickel is packed in four convenient easy to apply options. It is available in a brush top one pint can which can be purchased in two, six, twelve and twenty-four packs. It is also available in standard fourteen ounce grease cartridges that are also sold in two, six, twelve and twenty-four packs. ASC–1500/Nickel can also be purchased in an eight pound (one gallon) containers and a forty pound (five gallon) containers.For applications that require the highest level of environmental or personal safety, try the Superior ASC–1100/Non Metallic anti-seize. ASC–1100/Non Metallic anti-seize contains NO metals yet still offers protection to + 2400°F (1316°C). As with all petroleum base anti-seizes, these products should NOT be used in oxygen service.

Excellent For Use On:

Pipe Threads  •  Nuts  •  Bolts  •  Studs  •  Flanges  •  Gaskets  •  Screws  •  Taps  •  Drills  •  Pumps  •  Valve Packing  •  Valve Stems  •  Bushings  •  Keyways  •  Shafts  •  Chains  •  Sprockets  •  Pneumatic Equipment  •  Gears  •  Wire Rope  •  Cable  •  Exhaust Manifolds  •  Boilers  •  Heat Exchangers 

  • Meets US Military Spec: MIL-PRF-907E
  • Can be safely used on stainless or other alloys
  • Withstands high temperatures and high torque

The useful temperature range for various applications:

  • For anti-seize use, -30°F (-34°C) to + 2400°F (1316°C)
  • As a bearing lubricant, -30°F to (-34°C) + 450°F (232°C)
  • As a slide lubricant, -30°F to (-34°C) + 1800°F
  • As a protective coating, -297°F (-183°C) to + 2400°F (1316°C)

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