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Tech Data

FrigidCure 500



Kits, which are packaged in 5 gallon cans, include the resin, catalyst, and aggregate. Each kit will yield approximately 42 sq. ft. at 1/4” (0.53 cubic feet). If applied on only ‘V’ cracks, each kit will cover approximately 1600 lineal feet of cracks at 1” wide and 1” deep


3 Colors: Grey, Tile Red, & Natural
Working Time 20 minutes (at 20°F, -6.7°C)
Cure Time 18-24 hours (at 20°F, -6.7°C)
Odor NIL
Flammability Non-Flammable
Toxicity Low
Vapor Pressure N/A
Vapor Density Heavier than air
Evaporation Rate Slower than ether
Viscosity N/A
Lower & Upper Explosive Limits N/A
Boiling Range N/A
Shrinkage Non-shrink
VOC VOC compliant
Compression Strength High
Installation Difficulty Easy
Application Temperature Range Cures at substrate temps down to 0°F (-17.8°C)
Mix Ratio Each kit contains pre-measured products
Material Stability Stable under normal storage conditions
Shelf Life 2 Years Without Freezing


 Tech Data Specific To Components A, B, or C:

Component A – Epoxy Curing Agent

Odor Ammoniacal
Physical State Liquid
Flash Point 219°F (104°C)
Specific Gravity 1.0306
pH @ 100.0% >7
Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution <1%
Freeze Pointr <0°F (<-17.8°C)
Autoignition Temperature N/A
Solubility In Water <1% (at 77°F, 25°C)
Conditions To Avoid N/A
Incompatibility Oxidizing Agents
Extinguishing Media Alcohol Foam, CO2, Dry Chemical, Water Fog


Component B – Epoxy Resin

Flash Point 450°F (232°C)
Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution
Freeze Point N/A
Odor Faint Epoxy Odor
Appearance Clear Liquid
Physical State Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.1107
pH @ 100.0% N/A
Solubility In Water None
Conditions To Avoid Excess heating above 140°F (60°C) over long periods of time degrades resin
Incompatibility Bases, acids, amines, and oxidizing materials
Extinguishing Media CO2, Dry Chemical, Foam

Component C – Aggregate Mix

Flash Point N/A
Appearance Granular
Physical State Solid
Freeze Point N/A
Physical State Liquid
Specific Gravity 2.6137
Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution 0
Solubility In Water None
Conditions To Avoid N/A
Incompatibility None
Extinguishing Media Alcohol Foam, CO2, Dry Chemical, Foam, Water Fog


  • Do not thin this product.
  • Do not apply when Humidity exceeds 70% indoors.
  • Do not allow to puddle during application.
  • Allow each coat to dry to ‘tack-free’ or clear prior to re-coat.
  • When re-coating, always apply the next coat within 24 hours of completing the previous coat.
  • Do not apply this product heavier / thicker than the recommended spread rate / mil thickness.


Apply with trowel or patching blade. Superior Industries product test data is based on environmental temperatures of 750 F (240 C). Viscosity and working time are always affected by temperatures above or below that mark. When applying product – always consider the ambient, surface, and product temperature at the time and place of installation.


FrigidCure 500 is available in Grey, Tile Red and Natural.


Always refer to Superior Industries’ chemical resistant chart for specific information on each product / system or contact Superior Industries directly.


DO NOT allow Superior Industries products to freeze. All Superior Industries products should be properly stored above the floor on pallets or shelves, and in an area that has a constant minimum temperature of 500 F (100 C).


Always apply Superior Industries products to a ‘clean / sound’ substrate that is free of laitance, grease, oils, debris, and curing compounds. Concrete substrates should be cured for a minimum of 28 days prior to application of product [except as otherwise noted on the individual Product Data Sheet]. Whenever possible, remove existing coatings and/or flooring systems completely; if complete removal is unavoidable always perform tests to determine adhesion and compatibility to the existing substrate. Surface preparation by means of a shot-blasting machine is the best and recommended method for attaining the desired profile. If the substrate is not properly prepared and the appropriate profile is not achieved, failure of the product to adhere to the substrate may occur.


Application tools and equipment can be cleaned with soap and water immediately after use, or with solvent once the product has begun to cure.


Product containers will contain product residue and must be disposed of properly. Label warnings must be observed at all times. All containers must be disposed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.


Always read and acquaint yourself with Superior Industries’ Product Data Sheet, MSDS [material safety data sheet], and product labels for each individual product prior to mixing and prior to use.

For further assistance, product questions, additional information and/or unexpected or unusual installation conditions – contact your local representative or Superior Industries directly for recommendations.