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Tech Data

Skid Guard 100



Packaging 1 gallon and 5 gallon kits
For use on Interior/exterior asphalt, wood, metal, concrete, or other masonry, including pavers
Coating Epoxy modified acrylic
Sheen Matte/ low luster sheen
Available colors Cement, Bombay, Terra Cotta, Sand Beige, Brick Red, Gulf Grey, Charcoal Grey, Bison, Black, Palm Green, Forrest Green, Deck Grey, Tile Red, White, Bordeaux Red, and Sand Stone (see color chart link for detailed information)
Includes Primer and topcoat
Recommended coverage Approximately 80-100 square feet per gallon
Weight per gallon 13.63 pounds
Curing time Dries to touch in approximately 90 minutes (estimate at 70oF, 50% RH); recoat in 4 hours (high humidity or low temperatures will affect drying time)
Application temperature Do not allow product to freeze
Chemical resistance Excellent (appropriate for swimming pools, etc)
Not recommended for Vehicle traffic
Reduction solvent Do not thin
Flammability Not flammable
Toxicity Low
Consistency Thick liquid
Odor Slight
Specific gravity 1.64
Solubility Dilutes and thins in water
Flash point N/A
% Solids by weight 75.41%
% Solids by volume 60.98%
% Vehicle solids by weight 18.70%
% Pigment by weight 56.71%
% Volatile by weight 24.59%
Viscosity stormer 119 KU
Max VOC 55 grams per liter
Stability Stable
Avoid contact with Strong oxidizing agents
Safety measures Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. If swallowed contact physician immediately. Keep away from direct heat & open flame.

Application Instructions:

Concrete must be at least 30 to 45 days old, clean, dry and free of all grease, oil, loose paint, dust, etc. If necessary, clean with a good degreaser or detergent and brush and/or pressure wash.

Do not apply when rain is expected within 6 hours.

When applying over previously coated gloss surfaces, sand with an 80 to 100 grit sanding disc to create an acceptable profile. Paint should be firmly bonded with no signs of delamination.

NOTE: When ordering Skid Guard 100 kits, you must make a selection from the pop-up box for the type of surface to which Skid Guard 100 will be applied: metal, concrete, asphalt or wood. This will ensure that you receive the proper primer for your application. Asphalt surfaces are self priming and NO primer is required.

Primer needed for:
Metal surfaces— #5501
Concrete surfaces— #9040
Wood surfaces— #6005
Asphalt—None needed

Apply the appropriate primer to metal, wood or concrete surfaces. Asphalt surfaces are considered self priming.

Mix Skid Guard 100 thoroughly from bottom with vigorous strokes. Skid Guard 100 is a two (2) coat process & should be applied using a medium nap roller (a 3/8” nap roller is recommended). Apply Skid Guard 100 at the rate of 80 to 100 square feet per gallon. The second coat must be applied after waiting 4 hours.

After Skid Guard 100 is dry, apply 1 coat of Seal Kote 3000. This sealer protects the skid-free surface and preserves the color pigments.

After curing fully, Skid Guard can be cleaned with most detergents and/or pressure washing.