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Dielectric Silicone Sealant/Lubricant



A Silicone Sealant/Lubricant Compounded With Pure Silicone

Seals  •  Lubricates  •  Insulates  •  Protects

-40°F (-40°C) to 400°F (205°C)

Non Melt  •  Non Toxic  •  High Dielectric  •  Odorless  •  Water Proof

SILKON 500 is a pure silicone sealant/lubricant with a paste-like consistency. It is compounded using the purest polydimethyl silicone fluids. Special thickeners are used to achieve its paste like consistency without sacrificing it’s superior lubricating and sealing properties. This lubricant/sealant spreads easily and evenly and adheres to many types of surfaces. It has outstanding water resistance and adheres to surfaces for long periods of time with no breakdown of critical lubricating and sealing qualities. SILKON 500 withstands extreme temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 400°F (205°C) with no loss of viscosity. This grease like material is used as a sealant, lubricant, release agent, mould release and provides outstanding results when used as a lubricant for plastic and rubber parts during assembly. SILKON 500 is widely used for special lubrication and is the product of choice when choosing a long life dielectric sealant/lubricant. SILKON 500 is designed to meet the specification requirements of MIL-PRF-8660.

As a mould release, SILKON 500 exhibits excellent release properties on plastics, rubber and other materials. The product composition is not altered by frequent temperature changes or by exposure to most contaminants.

SILKON 500 is translucent white in color, odorless, non toxic and can be applied using conventional lubricating equipment such as grease guns, hand pumps and special brushes.

This special sealant is recommended where high dielectric properties are required for sealing and insulating wire splices, electrical equipment, space age electronic devices, high voltage insulators, automotive electronics and many other types of electronic equipment including marine electronics and switching devices.

SILKON 500 is excellent for lubricating o rings, gaskets, seals and mechanical packing. It offers outstanding long term lubrication and sealing and has an extremely high resistance to chemicals, acids, caustics and other types of corrosive materials. This product will not dry out and has outstanding mechanical and thermal stability.

In addition, SILKON 500 is an ideal release agent for plastics processing equipment. SILKON 500 is an excellent protective coating for ignition systems and offers superior lubrication for plastic to metal assemblies. SILKON 500 exhibits outstanding results when used for protecting electrical transmission insulators, rubber coated cables as well as sealing and protecting high pressure & vacuum systems, plastic o rings and has proven an excellent release agent for most types of adhesives.

SILKON 500 has shown excellent resistance to most aqueous solutions, oils and other organic compounds.

SILKON 500 is not recommended for use as a load bearing lubricant on metal to metal surfaces.

SILKON 500 is designated an NLGI 1 for viscosity purposes. It has a very light grease like consistency and is easily applied to all types of materials including rubber, plastics, metals and most other materials needing long term protection. Over long periods of use, this material does not harden and can be used even in the presence of harsh and corrosive environments.

SILKON 500 is conveniently packaged in four convenient easy to apply options. It is available in a 16 ounce grease gun cartridge which can be purchased in two, six, twelve and twenty-four packs. SILKON 500 can also be purchased in eight pound (one gallon) containers and forty pound (five gallon) containers for larger application requirements. This product should NOT be used in oxygen service or applications requiring compatibility.

For applications requiring a heavy, tackier & thicker grease like consistency with an NLGI 2 rating, please see our product SILKON 1000

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