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Dielectric Silicone Grease/Sealant



A Silicone Sealant/Grease Compounded With Pure Silicone

-40°F (-40°C) to 500°F (260°C)

Sealant  •  Lubricant  •  Insulator  •  Protectant

Non Melting  •  Non Toxic  •  High Dielectric  •  Odorless  •  Water Proof

SILKON 1000 Silicone Grease/Sealant is a special lubricant compounded from the purest polydimethyl silicone fluids. It is then thickened using a special patented filler to create a thick, tacky and extremely inert grease/sealant. SILKON 1000 is considered a high temperature lubricant and frequent temperature changes do not affect its viscosity. SILKON 1000 is translucent to white in color and contains NO toxic materials. This state of the art formulation provides SILKON 1000 with an extremely high dielectric resistance making it the product of choice for lubricating and insulating all types of electronic equipment and automated electronic switching devices. SILKON 1000 is also excellent for sealing and protecting electrical connections on ceramic fixtures where corrosion and sealing protection is critical.

SILKON 1000 is designated an NLGI Grade 2 Grease/Sealant and is used widely for lubricating, sealing, protecting and water proofing sensitive electronic equipment. It can be dispensed using most conventional types of applicators including standard grease guns.

SILKON 1000 is an excellent lubricant for rubber and plastic parts. It is used widely for rubber and plastic o ring sealing and lubrication. This thick and tacky grease-like material is also excellent for lubricating plastic to metal parts and mechanisms. SILKON 1000 provides outstanding corrosion resistance from aggressive chemicals, most acids, caustics and other corrosive compounds.

SILKON 1000 is recommended for use as an assembly lubricant and release agent in the manufacturing and assembly of plastic and rubber parts. It is considered non curing and is suitable for use where a lubricant/sealant combination can provide optimum protection and lubrication. It provides complete protection for underground equipment and all associated electrical connections such as cable devices, telephone equipment and electro mechanical switching equipment.

In addition, this tacky grease/sealant is excellent for using as a release agent on certain types of adhesives. It provides outstanding results for lubricating and protecting electrical transmission insulators, lubricating rubber coated cables and for sealing vacuum and pressure systems. SILKON 1000 maintains its viscosity and performance characteristics even after long periods of extended use.

SILKON 1000 grease/sealant is excellent for use on pressure type plug valves. It serves to prevent sticking of gaskets and to provide a complete seal of flange faces. In addition, it provides excellent results when used on transformer gaskets. On valve parts and gaskets, SILKON 1000 is easily applied with a small brush similar to an art brush. This type brush insures all critical parts receive proper sealing and lubrication for extended service requirements.

SILKON 1000 is not recommended for heavily loaded metal to metal lubrication. However, it is excellent for plastic to metal slow moving gears and for lubricating certain types of metal valve actuators. It’s thick and tacky consistency insures long term protection from corrosive, chemical, acid and other harsh environments.

SILKON 1000 is non toxic and considered odorless. It can be used with confidence where odor and chemical contamination must be avoided. It is safe on painted surfaces, plastics, rubber, EPDM materials, metals and most types of electrical connectors. SILKON 1000 also exhibits excellent sealing and lubricating properties even when exposed to severe vibration. It is considered non-curing and never becomes hard or brittle.

SILKON 1000 is used extensively by underground cable companies, pipeline construction, electrical contractors, industrial manufacturing facilities and marine maintenance companies. This grease/sealant is excellent for sealing and lubricating marine electronics, switching devices and other types of electro mechanical devices where salt water and other corrosive environments exist.

SILKON 1000 is outstanding for both indoor and outdoor sealing and protection, lubrication of critical components and waterproofing while having no adverse effect on the environment. SILKON 1000 has proven to assist in preventing premature equipment failure and helps eliminate costly downtime.

For an NLGI 1 rated Silicone Lubricant/Sealant, see our product SILKON 500. The characteristics are very similar to SILKON 1000, but exhibits a lighter consistency for more pliability in hard to reach areas.

SILKON 1000 is packaged in four easy to apply options including a 1 pound grease gun cartridge in cases of 2, 6, 12 and 24 packs. In addition, a one gallon ( 8 Pound) can and a 40 Pound (5 gallon) can are available. This product should NOT be used in oxygen service or applications requiring compatibility.

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