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Extreme High Temperature Silicone Sealant/Lubricant

Seal & Assist 5000


Compounded From The Purest Silicones

Non MeltingNon Toxic – Odorless  – Water Proof

Temperatures From -40°F (-40°C) To 1000°F (538°C)

Valves  •  Pumps  •  Flanges  •  Gaskets

Stops Leaks and Emissions

Seal & Assist 5000 is a grease-like material compounded from the finest polydimethyl silicone fluid and designed to assist and stop leaks in standard valve packing, pumps, gaskets and flanges. It is a non petroleum compound and is considered non toxic and safe for use. Seal & Assist 5000 is water-proof, non-melting, exhibits extremely high oxidation resistance and maintains it’s consistency for long service periods even under severe conditions. Seal & Assist 5000 does not harden or become brittle even when subjected to harsh chemicals, acids and severe operating temperatures for extended periods. Seal & Assist 5000 provides outstanding results in temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 1000°F (538°C). Seal & Assist 5000 is thickened using special synthetic blended graphite which assists in giving this product unique high temperature, lubricating and sealing characteristics.

Seal & Assist is used widely for a mould release agent. The extreme high temperature characteristics provide viscosity stability and are considered safe for use on most plastics, aluminum, steel, cast iron and most other mould materials.

Seal & Assist 5000 is black in color and is recommended for stopping leaks and reducing fugitive emissions on Valves, Pumps, Flanges and Gaskets. This material remains flexible and can be spread easily on flange faces, pump seal assemblies, valve flanges and on most types of gasket materials. Seal & Assist 5000 is not affected by expansion and contraction and continues to be effective even under constant temperature changes. Seal & Assist 5000 contains NO petroleum products and is thickened with a patented NON petroleum synthetic additive. As a result, this product has NO dropping point and maintains it’s viscosity in severe operating conditions.

Conventional Seals and Gaskets can be adversely affected when subjected to violent vibrations and constant temperature fluctuations. Seal & Assist 5000 is designed to effectively seal and lubricate even under these severe conditions.

Seal & Assist 5000 is rated an NLGI 2 for consistency and can be dispensed using conventional pumping and standard grease gun equipment. This product is non toxic and does not require special procedures for handling. Seal & Assist complies with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.1200. In addition, Seal & Assist 5000 complies with California 22 (TTLC) for a non hazardous waste product. In-plant maintenance personnel widely accept Seal & Assist 5000 as the product of choice for sealing certain types of equipment where periodic leaks are not acceptable.

Seal & Assist 5000 is safe for use on rubber, plastics, stainless steel, cast iron, EPDM materials and other metal and composite materials.

Seal & Assist 5000 should be used as a coating on gaskets and flanges. Both sides of gaskets should be coated to insure proper sealing. This can be achieved by coating flange first, then applying gasket to flange. After gasket has been applied to flange, the outward side of gasket can be coated. This method provides excellent results for achieving a leak proof flange/gasket connection.

Seal & Assist 5000 is highly recommended for sealing valve and pump packing. It can be applied via a standard grease fitting. It is recommended that all packing be coated prior to assembly. This method insures complete coverage to all parts and prevents any leakage of emissions and fluids.

In conclusion, Seal & Assist 5000 is considered the most effective sealant and lubricant on the market today for assisting in the elimination of leaks. It can be concluded that using this product will help eliminate fluid leaks and emissions seepage on many types of equipment. Seal & Assist 5000 definitely helps eliminate unwanted seepage of fluids from Valves, Gaskets, Pumps and Flanges. This special product can be used with confidence in fluid processing, chemical processing, marine equipment and industrial production equipment. No other product performs as does Seal & Assist 5000 in volatile temperatures up to 1000°F.

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