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Water Tank Corrosion Inhibitor



- For Potable and Non-Potable Water Tanks
- Silicate Liquid

For exposed metal water tanks, fighting corrosion and rust is a constant concern to preserve both the water supply and the life of the metal tank. TCL-599 brings you a reliable, non-toxic, and user-friendly alternative to paint, cathodic protection, and other corrosion preventatives on the market today. Turn to this water tank corrosion inhibitor for an odorless, tasteless product that effectively protects and cleans metal tanks and pipes. TCL-599 is safe for both non-potable and potable water supplies.

Guards Against Corrosion

TCL-599 is a silicate protectant that continually forms a protective film on water pipes and tanks as water flows throughout the system, preventing the inevitable corrosion of exposed metal and pipes. As a top-of-the-line water tank corrosion inhibitor, TCL-599 provides an excellent, cost-effective alternative to other forms of corrosion prevention, such as cathodic protection and paintable coatings and linings. 

• Odorless
• Tasteless

Upon initial treatment, this silicate liquid cleans exposed metal of existing corrosion as it lays down a protective film. This film continues to actively protect water tanks and pipes as long as TCL-599 is consistently fed into the water supply. TCL-599 effectively guards large and small metal water tanks against rust and pitting, extending the life of the tank and reducing the frequency of replacing metal parts. Reduced corrosion also improves the quality of the water, resulting in clearer, cleaner, better tasting water that is free of rust or metallic flavors. Pipes clear of buildup enable pumps to function at their highest capacity for improved water pressure and circulation.

TCL-599 excels in large-scale water storage environments such as industrial, municipal, and utilities reservoirs and holding tanks, as well as hotel and laundry water storage, emergency and fire protection water tanks, elevated standpipes, rain collection, water reclamation, and portable tanks and sprayers.

This water tank corrosion inhibitor protects both static and dynamic systems, although dynamic, flowing water optimizes the recoating of the silicate film. The stability of the silicate protectant makes it ideal for hot water systems compared to other protective films.

Safe for Drinking Water

TCL-599 is an excellent product for companies and individuals who store and maintain both potable and non-potable water supplies. As an odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic product, this water tank corrosion inhibitor can be used in drinking water systems without any danger to consumers or unpleasant odor or flavor.

The Ideal Corrosion Guard for:

Water Reservoirs & Storage TanksEmergency Water StorageMunicipal & UtilitiesHotel & Laundry Water StorageFire ProtectionRainwater CollectionIndustrial Water SupplyWater ReclamationBackpack SprayersElevated Standpipes

TCL-599 has  no heavy metals or chromates. The clear silicate residue requires no rinsing when switching from non-potable to potable water storage.

This water tank corrosion inhibitor is NSF G3 certified, gaining a highly regarded independent certification awarded to only the most excellent, consumer-friendly water treatment products.

TCL-599 is packaged in 1 gallon containers (in cases of 4) as well as 6 gallon, 35 gallon and 55 gallon containers. It can be injected or metered into the water supply as directed. Initial treatment requires a higher volume of this silicate protectant until the protective film cleans and accumulates over the exposed metal surfaces.

Actively Protects Metals:

Alloys • Brass • Bronze • Copper • Galvanized Metal • Iron • Steel

Water is one of our most precious resources and deserves top-quality care. Use TCL-599 to protect your water supply by maintaining and protecting your metal water storage tanks.

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