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Metallic Powder Additive For Epoxies

MetaPlex 500


  • 12 Unique Colors
  • Stunning Results
  • Easy to Use

Give your concrete flooring a stunning makeover with MetaPlex 500, a metallic powder additive for epoxy flooring systems.

MetaPlex 500 mixes into clear epoxy binders for a brilliant, smooth, three-dimensional finish. This product furnishes your creative space with the luster it deserves for an easy-to-clean surface in twelve attractive color choices. These colors can be mixed, swirled, and applied with a wide variety of techniques for limitless possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek, or glamorous look for your showroom or home office, MetaPlex 500 offers an artistic, exceptional finish that is one-of-a-kind.

Used By:

• Office and retail areas • Showroom floors • Hospitality industries • Bars and restaurants • Garages • Basements • Entertainment Rooms • Performance venues • Lobbies • Salons and spas • Casinos • Cafes & Coffee shops • Condos • Kitchens & restrooms • Schools • Art galleries

12 Colors: Unlimited Possibilities

This metallic powder additive for epoxies lends a creative, unique look when added to clear coating resin binder as the pigments reflect light at a variety of angles, creating a three-dimensional effect. The more experienced the installer, the greater variety of effects, including marbled, swirled, and even hammered textures. MetaPlex 500 can also achieve varying levels of opacity depending on the amount of powder added to the clear binder. No two floors will be exactly the same, as the marbled pattern changes with the application technique.

MetaPlex 500 comes in 12 vibrant colors that are intermixable, opening up an infinite number of color combinations to perfectly suit your venue. A tinted primer can also adjust the color level for breathtaking flooring that sets the tone for the rest of the building. With customizable color options, flexible application techniques, and a smooth, durable finish, MetaPlex 500 adds value and class to creative spaces such as concert venues, restaurants, salons, retails spaces, and gallery spaces.

Easy to Use and Maintain

MetaPlex 500, when used with a clear binder system and colored primer, is easy to install and develops its own patina with minimal effort. This metallic additive powder for epoxies will not adversely affect the physical properties of the cured binder system—your epoxy flooring system will have the same smooth, seamless finish with MetaPlex 500. Epoxy floors can be installed over existing concrete and are easy to clean and maintain with basic cleansers and high performance wax. And because MetaPlex 500 is simply added to a clear binder, you can choose the binder that suits your needs—high or low gloss—with no tricky mixing of components.

MetaPlex 500 added to an epoxy flooring system bears foot traffic well, making this product ideal for office and retail space, bathrooms, lobbies, and garages.

Pre-measured Pigments

MetaPlex 500 comes pre-measured and packaged in 4 oz containers that mix into 1 to 1 ½ gallons of clear binder material. A standard epoxy flooring system will typically cover 75-100 square feet per gallon of binder. This metallic additive powder contains special effect pigments with a particle size range of 5 – 100 um that create the wide variety of uniquely variable flooring appearances. MetaPlex 500 powders have a long shelf life if properly stored and are very stable in storage.

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