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Universal Concrete Patch Kit

ProCon 9000


Everything You Need For Concrete Crack & Slab Repair

4 Colors Available

Easy To Use

When needing the finest Epoxy Concrete Repair Kit, look no further. This Universal Concrete Patch kit is your perfect solution for repairing chips, cracks, holes, damaged caps, spalled areas and is also excellent for bridging uneven surfaces. ProCon 9000 is easy to use, whether you’re an industry professional or resurfacing concrete for the first time. This mortar is designed for surface restoration from 1/8” to 1/4” deep wherever excellent wear characteristics and strength are required.

This Universal Concrete Patch Kit also provides the highest tensile & compressive strength of any product available today. Choose from 3 kit sizes and 4 colors to repair and beautify damaged concrete surfaces at home or on the job. With its incredible strength and resistance to staining or damage from chemicals, ProCon 9000 excels in industrial environments where heavy equipment, constant traffic, and chemical exposure happens on a daily basis.

Recommended for:

• Driveways • Restrooms and locker roomsSidewalks
• Patios and pool decks •
GaragesStorage areasThresholds
• Concrete steps •
RampsLobbies/ entrancesAssembly line floors
• Floors exposed to heavy wear and chemicals

We can’t say enough about this product and its ability to transform damaged or worn concrete surfaces—such as steps, patios, walkways, entryways, driveways—into durable, attractive areas around homes, apartment complexes, and retail spaces. And yet with its superior strength and abrasion resistance, ProCon 9000 surpasses any product on the market for permanent repairs to concrete surfaces throughout industrial and manufacturing plants, production facilities, warehouses, and even farms and pet shelters. This Universal Concrete Patch Kit not only increases safety, efficiency, and value in light traffic areas—it also comes highly recommended for heavily trafficked surfaces, including forklift and steel wheel equipment production areas.

ProCon 900 consists of a specially blended aggregate engineered for quicker, easier, and tighter trowel ability, which makes it easy to apply despite the user’s level of expertise. In addition, this Universal Concrete Patch Kit is self-priming and does not require a topcoat, which effectively cuts down preparation and curing time. For areas that sustain frequent exposure to abrasive chemicals, an optional topcoat can be applied to reinforce ProCon9000’s excellent chemical resistance.

As ProCon 9000 is a three component 100% solids epoxy mortar, this product can be mixed on site and applied with a trowel over existing concrete. Choose from 9 pound, 18 pound, or 65 pounds kits, perfect for small or large-scale projects. This hard-wearing epoxy cures for foot traffic within 14 hours—and in half that time for recoating or topcoating— giving your cracked, spalled, or delaminated concrete a new, high performance finish in no time. No other product packages such incredible flexural, compressive, and tensile strength for a stronger-than-concrete bond, available in four appealing colors (Red, Natural, Light Gray and Dark Gray).

Areas of Use:

Apartment complexes • Retail/ office space
• Healthcare centers • Laboratories
• Animal care centers • Golf courses

• Farms 
• Sports complexes 
• Heavy traffic areas
• Manufacturing plants
• Food processing
• Warehouses
• Industrial spaces

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