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Speed up on-site batch mixing of construction, flooring, and painting compounds with Superior Industries’ professional industrial mixing equipment, ideal for contractors, painters, professional installers, flooring specialists, and ambitious DIYers. Our heavy-duty mixing station charges through highly viscous materials such as epoxy, mortar, grout, slurry, plaster, cement, resin, quartz-containing resin, and flooring compounds.


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This powerful mixing equipment empowers you to mix materials on site to fit your timeline, utilizing easily transportable mixing equipment mounted on a rolling stand. Rather than wrestle with a handheld mixer or try to attach a heavy-duty mixer to the side of a 5-gallon pail, enjoy the benefits of our industrial strength overhead mixer. Our mixing equipment gives you a higher degree of mixing control, causes less damage to pails and equipment, reduces splashing (compliments of our variable speed control), and delivers all-around more thorough mixing capabilities. The ability to mix batches of materials in 5-gallon pails allows for maximum portability, workability, and efficiency, especially for fast-setting mortars and two-part formulas.

Our industrial paint and epoxy mixing equipment features a removable shaft that can be easily detached for easy clean up and storage. The incredibly strong motor and stirring paddle are tough enough to match the viscidness of thick and heavy construction materials, before and after slaking.

Construction crews, handymen, builders, and drywall contractors—don’t work another day without making sure that your mixing and materials preparation will run like clockwork. Anyone regularly painting, pouring cement, installing resin flooring or non-slip coatings, laying tile, or hanging and repairing drywall, can mix and apply materials exponentially more efficiently with Superior Industries’ industrial portable mixing equipment.