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Mixing Systems

Elite Pro Mixing Station


The King of Mixing Systems for Heavy-Duty Jobs

A powerful motor allows mixing of up to 200 pounds of high viscosity materials ranging from epoxy, mortars, plasters and cement to quartz-containing resins and flooring compounds, as well as insulation and other materials.. Variable speed dial on handle.Designed for easy setup, with no clamping required. Has rear wheels for extra portability. Ideal for use with 5-gallon pails. High Viscosity Extra-robust stirring paddle for finished mortar, finished plaster, floor compounds, refractory cements, insulating materials and quartz-filled epoxy resin. MG 120 - 4.5" dia. MG 140 - 5.6" dia. MG 160 - 6.25" dia. MG 235 - 9.25" dia.

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