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Moisture Cured Urethane Coating

DuraCure MCU


Single Component

High Abrasion & Chemical Resistance

DuraCure MCU is a professional quality single component urethane coating for use on concrete floors. This moisture cured urethane coating is oil-free and appears as a clear liquid. When dry, DuraCure MCU has a natural gloss finish which exhibits light reflectivity properties. If a colored floor coating is desired, simply mix DuraCure MCU with a pigmented color additive intended for urethane coatings. DuraCure MCU provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, grease, and oil. This product is intended for use in any area with moderate chemical exposure. The possibilities for applying DuraCure MCU are endless; Use anywhere a premium urethane coating for concrete is called for. DuraCure MCU is ideal for use in: warehouses, production floors, service bays, manufacturing facilities, packaging facilities, and more.

Ideal For Use In:

  • Warehouses
  • Production Floors
  • Service Bays
  • Light Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
  • Packaging Facilities

In order to ensure the best possible adhesion to the floor, we highly recommend that you use Superior Industries’ #1107 Epoxy Primer before applying DuraCure MCU. #1107 Epoxy Primer is a two component, low viscosity epoxy primer that forms a tough but flexible film. This high solids primer offers excellent penetration and superior adhesion. It is moisture tolerant and stress relieving, featuring very low VOC’s, low tensile modulus, and high tensile elongation. #1107 Epoxy Primer is very resilient and will bring about strong adhesion when used in concert with DuraCure MCU. You’ll see that the primer is listed separately in the shopping cart and is available in both 3 gallon and 15 gallon kits.

Available In 1, 5, & 55 Gallon Containers

DuraCure MCU is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon containers. The approximate coverage range for this moisture cured urethane coating is 325-400 sq ft (30-37 sq m) per gallon (liter). Two coats are suggested when applying over a primed surface. The drying time of the clear urethane coating (at 75°F, 23.8°C and 50% humidity) is as follows: tack free after 4 hours; light traffic after 30-48 hours; and heavy duty traffic after 3 days. DuraCure MCU has a pot life of 4-6 hours (at 75°F, 23.8°C and 50% humidity).

Oil Free

Clear Coating Dries With Gloss Finish

Instructions:  We recommend that you thoroughly read all application instructions on the product label before applying DuraCure MCU. Because surface preparation is important to the successful adhesion of the coating, be sure the application surface is sound, clean, level, and dry before you begin application. When using the product in its clear form, no mixing is required. When using it with color additives, follow directions on the urethane color additive label for specific mixing instructions. Do not apply DuraCure MCU is the surface temperature is not between 60°F (15.5°C) and 85°F (30°C). Apply this moisture cured urethane coating from a roller tray using a 3/8” nap roller or lambs wool applicator. Do not pour directly onto the concrete. Recoat within 6 to 16 hours, or if more than 16 hours has elapsed, screen the surface before recoating. Do not use a thinner. Do not immerse or use where moisture can get in below the resurfacer. Note that DuraCure MCU is extremely flammable and take the appropriate precautions, keeping the product away from all sources of ignition. DuraCure MCU is not intended for use on exterior, on-grade substrates.

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