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Wall Coatings

Look no further than Superior Industries for wall sealants to withstand heavy impact, frequent cleaning, temperature swings, and moist environments. Our wall repair coatings offer easy maintenance and long-term durability for a wide variety of applications, including athletic gyms, health centers, and food processing facilities.


Additional Information

Superior’s industrial-strength wall coatings wrap walls and ceilings, filling in corners for a sloping surface that will not hide dirt or cobwebs. Eliminate chipping, cracking, and flaking for a clean, smooth surface year after year. Wall sealants can be applied over existing paint to hide stains or scratches and essentially resurface walls and ceilings as the coating fills in cracks and crevices. Giving walls and ceilings a fresh, updated look can elevate the whole environment, be it a hallway, utility closet, gym, or cafeteria. Once hardened, the new finish acts as a shield against further damage from moisture, abrasion, and chemicals.

Shop our wall coatings designed specifically for athletic centers and courts, such as: racquetball courts, indoor tennis courts, squash courts, indoor basketball courts, gyms, and indoor soccer courts. This racquetball coating and its reinforced resinous formula sustains high-impact strokes from balls, racquets, and athletes. A bright white non-reflective finish improves overall visibility while fending off smudges and dents.

Our wall sealants have also proved to be successful coatings for areas demanding a sterile, incredibly durable surface from floor to ceiling. The abrasion resistant finish withstands chemicals and high pressure wash-downs, making it ideal for health care facilities—such as hospitals and rehabilitation centers— as well as food processing environments. Bakeries, delis, and meat processing areas can keep walls (and ceiling) clean while leaving no cracks for debris or food particles to collect. Sanitary areas, such as cleanrooms and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, benefit greatly from the chemical-resistant, flake-free, low maintenance qualities evident in Superior Industries’ wall coatings.