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Rapid Set Anchoring Adhesive

AnchorFast #221


Epoxy Acrylate For High Strength

Fast Set Times | 2 Part; All In A Single Cartridge

AnchorFast #221 is a top of the line single cartridge system for a two part epoxy anchoring adhesive. The huge advantage that AnchorFast #221 offers to our customers is that it does not require any special, expensive application equipment.

This money saving adhesive comes ready-to-use; all you have to do is apply it with a standard, quality caulking gun. This modified-acrylic anchoring adhesive is incredibly easy to apply and cures quickly, and because AnchorFast #221 is moisture tolerant, it can be effectively used even where moisture is present. This convenient rapid set anchoring adhesive has a low sensitivity to mixing errors,  ensuring its ease of use for all applications. It is both solvent-free  and styrene-free, and it offers low waste and low odor. This handy anchoring type epoxy is ideal for use wherever a rapid set anchoring adhesive is called for and the ability to use it with a regular caulking gun is desirous.

Low Waste | Low Odor

Solvent-Free & Styrene-Free
Moisture Tolerant Anchor

Recommended For Anchoring:

Rebar  Dowel Bars  ♦  Threaded Rods  ♦  Bolts  Special Fastening Systems

Recommended For Use By:

Construction Crews • Maintenance Crews • Farmers • Homeowners • Apartment Complex Maintenance • Contractors

Fast #221 is developed specifically for installation in concrete and masonry base materials. This two-component product cures fast and is useful for all grades of rebar, dowel bars, threaded rods, bolts, and special fastening systems. This rapid set anchoring adhesive can be used for new construction or repair work. AnchorFast #221 is the product of choice for bonding post-installed threaded rods or steel reinforcing bars into holes that have been predrilled. It is also useful for: securing together two slabs of hardened concrete, fencing jobs such as re-securing loose fence posts, and other jobs of similar scope. This anchoring epoxy is especially well suited for use by construction workers, maintenance crews, farmers, homeowners, apartment complex maintenance, and contractors.

This two part product is dispensed through a single cartridge. And even though it’s a two part product, AnchorFast #221 can be dispensed/mixed from any quality caulking gun (such as those that you can buy at any hardware or supply store). AnchorFast #221’s 10 fluid ounce tube fits in a regular caulking gun – no more having to buy expensive applicators.

10 Fl Oz Cartridges | Dispensed/Mixed From A Regular Caulking Gun

AnchorFast #221 is available in 10 fluid ounce (300 ml) cartridges in the form of a two-component collapsible “cartridge-in-cartridge” system (a two part product which is packaged in one cartridge for ease of use). Talk about convenient! This structural epoxy acrylate is packaged in such a way that the use of specially designed dispensing tools is not necessary. AnchorFast #221 can be applied simply with manually operated, or pneumatically or battery-operated, standard caulking tools. This two-component product consists of a hardener and a base resin which are mixed in a ratio of ten-to-one while they are dispensed through a static mixing nozzle. The disposable static mixers are supplied by Superior Industries with your purchase of AnchorFast #221. This convenient, easy to use product offers quick gel and cure times: 25 minutes at 95°F (35°C) and 90 minutes at 41°F (5°C). See the chart below for gel and cure times as they relate to a variety of application temperatures.


Application Temperature Gel Time Cure Time
95°F (35°C) 2 minutes 25 minutes
86°F (30°C) 3 minutes 35 minutes
68°F (20°C) 5 minutes 40 minutes
50°F (10°C) 8 minutes 70 minutes
41°F (5°C) 12 minutes 90 minutes
32°F (0°C) 20 minutes 3 hours
23°F (-5°C) 50 minutes 15 hours
14°F (-10°C) 80 minutes 24 hours


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