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Parking Bumper Mounting Adhesive

#303 Bumper Mount


Rapid Set | Easy To Mix & Use

Eliminates The Need For Mechanical Securing To Pavement

#303 Bumper Mount is a two component high modulus epoxy gel that offers superior sheer strength to asphalt and concrete surfaces. This rapid set epoxy adheres parking bumpers made of pre-cast concrete, plastic, and more. This product absolutely eliminates the need for mechanical securing to pavement. No mechanical anchors or fastners are necessary when you use #303 Bumper Mount. Offering a fast setting time, this 100% solids parking bumper adhesive / epoxy makes mounting parking bumpers a snap. #303 Bumper Mount is the product of choice for mounting bumpers onto asphalt and concrete surfaces.

#303 Bumper Mount is moisture insensitive and can be applied to concrete that is damp or dry, making it useful even in humid environments.  This non-sag, non-abrasive parking bumper adhesive / epoxy is easy to mix and is color-coded to ensure error-free mixing. #303 Bumper Mount comes packaged in easy-to-use two component cartridges, can be used with meter mix pumping equipment, and conforms to VOC regulations. With a compressive strength greater than 10,000 psi and a tensile strength greater than 8,000 psi, #303 Bumper Mount clearly provides exceptional sheer strength when adhering to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Adhere Parking Bumpers Made Of Pre-Cast Concrete, Plastic, And More

#303 Bumper Mount is available in both 2 Gallon Kits and 10 Gallon Kits, both of which come packaged in side-by-side dual cartridges. To best meet your specific needs, we offer two versions of #303 Bumper Mount which are available at checkout. The only difference between the two versions is their pot life, which is the time that the product can be used after it is mixed. The first option is a Fast Set Version which offers 5-10 minute pot life, and the second option is a Standard Set Version which offers 30-40 minute pot life.

Fast Set Version: 5-10 Minute Pot Life

Standard Set Version: 30-40 Minute Pot Life 

Instructions: We recommend that you read all application instructions on the product label and all safety instructions in the Material Safety Data Sheet before applying. For best results, apply #303 Bumper Mount to dry concrete surfaces whenever possible. If necessary, #303 Bumper Mount can also be applied to damp surfaces for acceptable results. Before you apply, make sure the surface is free of grease, oil, coatings, standing water, and any other contaminants. Mix thoroughly, combining Component A with Component B with a 1:1 by volume mix ratio. When it’s ready to be applied, #303 Bumper Mount should be homogenous gray in color and without any white or black streaks. To clean your equipment and tools, use a solvent such as lacquer thinner or xylene. We recommend that you do not let #303 Bumper Mount freeze or apply it when the surface or ambient temperature is below 50°F (10°C).  

Note that this parking bumper adhesive / epoxy is not intended for use on latex modified mortar or latex modified concrete.

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