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Dowel Bar Anchoring Epoxy

DBA 700

The Strongest Of All Epoxy Anchoring Adhesives

Load Bearing Anchor Bolts • Rebar • Dowel Bars • Pipe  Anchoring

Moisture Insensitive 100% Solids Rapid Set

Dual Cartridges Available For Added ConvenienceDBA 700 is a two component, 100% solids, rapid setting, non-abrasive, high modulus epoxy gel. DBA 700 is designed for use with meter mix pumping equipment and is also packaged in easy-to-use dual component cartridges. DBA 700 is color-coded to insure error free mixing. DBA 700 is easy to use and is not effected by the presence of moisture.

Available in:

Dual Cartridges  • 2 Gal Kits  • 10 Gal Kits

NOTE:  For Larger Applications, DBA 700 Is Packaged In 750 Milliliter Dual Cartridges Designed For Use With N-1621 Pneumatic (Air Operated) Dispenser.


Air operated Dispensing Equipment    Hand Operated Dispenser

DBA 700, an epoxy anchoring adhesive, is the strongest of all dowel bar and anchoring adhesives. It is compounded with the finest materials producing a product that can be used for the most demanding applications. At over 8,000 psi, DBA 700’s tensile strength secures and anchors like no other epoxy adhesive.

The Strongest Dowel Bar & Anchoring Epoxy/Adhesive
DBA 700 is recommended for anchoring Rebar, Dowel Bars and Load Bearing Anchor Bolts. In addition, DBA 700 is a moisture insensitive epoxy and can be used with confidence when the appearance of moisture is present. DBA 700, an anchoring epoxy, is available in a quick set version whereby the material has a rapid set of five minutes. The “quick set” version is standard when purchasing the dual component cartridges. These cartridges provide for error free mixing with little or no cleanup. Each dual component cartridge is accompanied with a static mixer. As both materials are being pumped from the cartridge, they are mixed thoroughly and injected into the desired area for a quick set.The A-300 applicator is sold separately and can be used indefinitely for the dispensing of DBA 700. We highly recommend this type dispensing especially on remote construction sites where contamination of product would delay time schedules. Each dual component cartridge contains 800 millileters, one resin and one catalyst.As an excellent anchoring epoxy, DBA 700 is highly recommended for moisture insensitive epoxy needs, as well as adjoining concrete slabs for highway construction or any similar project requiring a suitable product for adhesion and anchoring of dowels. DBA 700 is excellent for adhering hand rails into concrete slabs especially when moisture is present and other products cannot be used. DBA 700 is also packaged in bulk type containers with longer “set times” to accommodate much larger applications where sometimes hundreds of dowels or other anchoring materials are being used. DBA 700 is color coded for error free jobsite mixing. This insures material has been mixed according to specifications and all epoxy anchoring can be done with confidence. DBA 700 has shown superior results when anchoring with moisture as well as heavy production equipment to concrete slabs. As constant vibration is experienced with some equipment, DBA 700 has proven to be the product of choice in securing these types of machinery.


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