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Decorative Non Slip Coating

Skid Guard 100

Decorative Non Slip Coating Stops Slip HazardsStop Foot Traffic Slip Hazards • Interior & Exterior Surfaces


Excellent On: Wood, Metal, Stone, Concrete, Pavers & Asphalt
Easy To Apply and Available in Many Colors


Pool Decks  |  Patios  |  Steps  |  Walkways  |  Ramps


Epoxy Modified Acrylic                          

           All Skid Guard 100 Kits include primer and topcoat

Decorative Non Slip Is Excellent For Pool Deck Areas
Decorative Non Slip For Decks

This decorative non slip coating is excellent for eliminating foot traffic slip conditons. Skid Guard 100 is the first of its kind and can be applied to a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, concrete and asphalt and is available in an assortment of different colors. This decorative non slip coating is resistant to chlorine and other chemicals used for swimming pool maintenance.

(See Color Chart Link) For Interior or Exterior Use.

This epoxy modified acrylic non slip coating is easy to apply and creates a slip resistant surface which will compliment any décor.

This decorative non slip coating is easy to apply using a 3/8” nap roller. After curing, the visual appearance is a low luster sheen.Skid Guard 100 is cleanable with most detergents and can even be pressure washed when needed.

There are no harsh fumes and no special respiration equipment is needed for applying Skid Guard 100.

Skid Guard 100 is a 2 coat system which provides for long term decorative slip protection.

When applying to metal surfaces, #5501 metal primer should be used prior to application of Skid Guard 100. #6005 wood primer is used prior to coating wood surfaces with Skid Guard 100.

When applying Skid Guard 100 to concrete surfaces, #9040 primer should be used prior to applying Skid Guard 100. This insures proper adhesion for long term slip protection.

Asphalt surfaces are considered self priming and 2 coats of Skid Guard 100 may be applied using no primer.

Seal Kote 3000 is applied after Skid Guard 100 installation is complete. This sealer/coating will protect Skid Guard 100 and preserve color pigments and insure long term trouble free protection.

Skid Guard 100 is not recommended for vehicle traffic



Decorative Non Slip Coating In Many Colors


This decorative non slip coating can be used with confidence in areas exposed to bare foot traffic on wood decks, pool decks, walkways, asphalt sports surfaces, steps and properly primed metal and wood surfaces.

Areas to be treated with Skid Guard 100 can be masked to create designs, walkway areas, step risers or to simply create a designated non slip walkway area.

When it comes to providing the toughest decorative non slip coating, this epoxy modified acrylic coating is unmatched in quality, performance and durability.

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