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Vapor Suppressant For Flammable Liquids

VaporTrax 1100


Emulsifies & Disperses Flammable Liquids Ready to Use

VaporTrax 1100 reduces the threat of fire by suppressing dangerous vapors emitted by flammable liquids. A must-have product for any industrial, municipal, or consumer setting where flammable liquids are stored, VaporTrax 1100 is a ready-to-use liquid that can be applied directly or by means of a hose stream or standard eductor equipment.

Surface Active AgentReduces Dangerous Vapors

Flammable liquids can pose a serious risk to businesses, industrial plants, storage areas, and public safety when accidents or spills happen. As vapors travel along floors or roads with air flow, fast action must be taken to contain and minimize the risk of combustion. VaporTrax 1100 is an excellent liquid vapor-suppressor specifically for flammable liquid spills that reduces dangerous vapors by emulsifying and dispersing fuels, solvents, hydrocarbons, and oils. This vapor suppressant significantly reduces or even eliminates the explosive vapors associated with flammable liquids.

Used By:

Fire Departments Transportation Industry Port AuthoritiesMunicipalities Sewer Treatment Plants Industrial Plants

Fast Acting Solution

This fast-acting surface active agent (also known as a surfactant) is a crucial element to any plan or safety policy for the control of flammable liquids. It is ideal for industries that regularly store or clean up flammable liquids— such as fire departments, sewer treatment plants, municipalities, transportation industries, port authorities, and industrial and manufacturing plants— and must quickly and safely contain and eliminate fire risks. VaporTrax 1100 safely and effectively emulsifies flammable liquids like gasoline, kerosene, acetone, biodiesel, ethanol, and methanol.

Only VaporTrax 1100 offers you a ready-to-use liquid that can be adapted to large or small spills.

Ready to Use

VaporTrax 1100 is ready to use and can be applied directly to small spills with a hand sprayer or similar tool for simple containment (and then flushed with water). For larger spills, this vapor suppressant for flammable liquids can be injected into the hose stream or applied with a standard eductor. However, it is not recommended for use with foam nozzles. VaporTrax 1100 emulsifies flammable liquids and their vapors on contact, suppressing their volatility and multiplying the diffusive effect of water.

VaporTrax 1100 contains no solvents, alcohol, or petroleum distillates, and is non-toxic as well as non-flammable, making it a safe, stable product to keep on hand. These qualities and more make it a top-of-the-line safety product relied upon by fire fighters, transportation professionals, and utilities and plant managers.

Available Sizes

This vapor suppressant for flammable liquids is packaged in 1 gallon containers (which are also available in cases of 6), or 6 gallon, 35 gallon, or 55 gallon containers. Upon application, VaporTrax 1100 requires either agitation or water flow from the hose stream to break up the slick. This allows for the optimum application and suppression of flammable vapors.

Keep VaporTrax 1100 on hand to prevent fire emergencies caused by accidental flammable liquid spills. Only VaporTrax 1100 offers you a ready-to-use liquid that can be adapted to large or small spills. As it emulsifies fuels and hydrocarbons with water on contact, this vapor suppressant allows you to gain control of flammable vapors before they have a chance to ignite. Get ahead of unforeseen fire hazards with VaporTrax 1100 for improved safety and efficiency in your workplace!

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