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Tech Data

Traction Kote 400



Shelf Life
2 years

16 oz aerosol cans and 1 gallon containers; 5 Gallon (Special Order Only, 10-14 Day Lead Time)

Net weight
Aerosol cans: 12 oz



28 sq feet per aerosol can; 225- 250 sq feet per gallon

Colors Available

9 colors including Clear, Russet Red, Chamois, Butternut, Blue, Polar White, Shipstone Gray, Black, and Sequoia Green

Adheres to
Steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum or concrete
Clean Up

None required

Application Method

Gallon Cans: Apply With 3/8 Inch Solvent-Resistant Roller; Aerosol: Spray


Up to 1 year (depending on the type and quantity of traffic)

Drying Time

4-6 hours (varying based on humidity and weather conditions)

Material Stability Stable
Incompatibility Avoid contact with strong oxidizing agents

Data Below Pertains Specifically To Aerosol Containers:

Extremely flammable spray


Spray Pattern
Coarse Circular Fan Spray
NFPA Fire Rating

Level 3 Aerosol

Clear, Smooth
Flash Point Of Concentrate

45°F (7.2°C) T.C.C

Extinguishing Media

Foam, CO2, Dry Media, Water Fog

Boiling Range
13°F (-25°C) to 232°F (111°C)
Vapor Density

>1 (Air = 1)

Solubility In Water

Spray mist is insoluble

Specific Gravity @75°F (24°C)

0.800 (H20=1)

Data Below Pertains Specifically To Bulk 1 Gallon Cans:

Boiling Range
232°F (111°C) – 279°F (137°C)
Specific Gravity

0.93-1.18 (H20=1)

Evaporation Rate
Slower than ether

7.75-9.80 lb/gal

Vapor Density
Heavier than air
Solubility In Water


VOC As Supplied

4.45-4.9 lb/gal; 535-585 g/L

VOC Excluding EPA Exempt Solvents/Water
4.45-4.9 lb/gal; 535-585 g/L
Flash Point
40°F (4.4°C) T.C.C.d
Flammability Limits In Air By Volume

Lower: 0.8, Upper: 7.6

Extinguishing Media

Foam, Alcohol Foam, C02, Dry Chemical, Water Fog

Conditions To Avoid

High temperatures, sources of ignition. Do not use in areas with poor ventilation.

Incompatibility (Materials To Avoid)

Strong oxidizers, acids, bases, and epoxy hardeners under uncontrolled conditions

Application Instructions:

Note that application procedures are virtually the same for both the aerosol and the bulk gallon liquid. First, properly prepare the surface in order to ensure the best possible adhesion of Traction Kote 400 to a hard surface. Any application requires a clean surface, regardless of the surface material.

To create the proper profile use a 60 to 100 grit sanding disc and lightly abrade the surface. Next, mask the area to be treated to ensure a uniform finish that looks professional and also eliminates over-usage. Apply Traction Kote 400 by using either the aerosol spray can or (if using the bulk 1 gallon can) applying the paint with a 3/8 inch solvent-resistant roller.

After applying, remove the masking tape immediately and let the coating dry completely before opening the area to traffic. Depending on the humidity and weather conditions at the time of application, drying time may be 4-6 hours. (If closing an application area is not possible due to its constant flow of heavy traffic, consider doing a partial application).

Application Instructions Based On Surface Type:

Over Painted Surfaces:
For proper adhesion, the existing coatings on any surfaces must be in good condition and free from any flaking and/or delamination prior to the application of Traction Kote 400.

Wood Surfaces:
Traction Kote 400 is not meant to be applied to green or uncured wood surfaces (with less than 90 days exposure to environment). This product may be applied to any cured wood surface.

Steel, Aluminum, Quarry Tile, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, And Concrete Surfaces:
To insure proper adhesion, these surface types must be cleaned and abraded with a 80 or 100 grit sanding disc.

Asphalt Surfaces:
Traction Kote 400 is not meant to be applied to untreated asphalt. When applying to treated asphalt, note that the surface must first be primed with a water based (acrylic) primer.

Fiberglass Surfaces:
No special preparation is necessary when applying Traction Kote 400 to fiberglass surfaces. It will bond to all fiberglass without abrading, etc. Simply clean thoroughly and apply.