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Tech Data

Pro Master Pool Coating



Packaging 2 Gallon Kits & 10 Gallon Kits
Net Weight
~13 lbs per gallon (varies by color)
Apearance White or colored liquid
Colors White, Aqua, Sky Blue, Medium Blue, Royal Blue, Black
Finish Gloss
Odor Mild petroleum odor
Vehicle Type Epoxy Resin & Polyamide Curing Agents
Solvent Type High Flash Naphtha, Diacetone Alcohol, Butyl Cellosolve
Solids By Weight 80%
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 10.0 mils
Recommended Reducer Epoxy Reducer or High Flash Naphtha
Recommended Primers Self Priming
Viscosity 120-140 KU (at 75°F, 24°C), mixed
Flammability Flammable
Solubility In Water Not soluble
Drying Time (75°F, 24°C) 6-8 hours to the touch; 16-72 hours before re-coating; 5 days before flling with water
Flash Point (Seta Flash) 81°F (27°C)
Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup) 105°F (40.5°C)
Freezing Point N/A
Initial Boiling Point 237°F (114°C)
Application Temperature Range 50°F (10°C) - 95°F (35°C)
Vapor Density Heavier than air
Theoretical Coverage At 5 Mils Dry ~200 sq ft per gallon
V.O.C 2.35 lbs/gallon (280 grams/liter)
Extinguishing Media NFPA Class B extinguishers, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam
Material Stability Stable
Incompatibility Strong Oxidizing Agents
Shelf Life 2 Years