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Tech Data

Striping Pro #909



Packaging 20 Ounce Aerosol Cans
Net Weight
18 Ounces (510 Grams)
Appearance/Color White
Odor Aromatic
Drying Time 30 Minutes
Vapor Pressure 40 PSI, 2750 hPa
Flammability Extremely Flammable
Toxicity Non-Toxic
Flash Point -2°F (-19°C)
Boiling Point -47.2°F (-44°C)
Ignition Temperature 410°F (210°C)
Conductivity N/A
Chlorinated Solvents N/A
Coverage ~300 Lineal Feet (91.5 Meters)
Application Temperature Range 50°F to 95°F
Shelf Life 2 Years